Love It! Hate It! : Meetup + Deployments

Love It! Hate It!
Check it out I am back for round 2 of Love It! Hate It!  Maybe I can make this a regular feature, yeah let’s not make any bets on that yet!  Onto the good stuff…

Love It!

1.  Meetup!  In preparation for number 1 on my Hate It! list I joined Meetup and found a local group of girls that just like to hang out in my area.  We don’t have a specific theme like cooking or hiking or some of the other crazy things out there.  It has been awesome!  I love all the great friends I have made in my group and we hang out even without an official meetup.  The meetups rock too because our wonderful organizer always manages to find the things that you keep saying you want to do but never get around to doing.  This week we went on a ghost tour of Downtown Fredericksburg Virginia.  I love ghost tours and I was really excited for this.  I’m also a slight history buff, I love to learn different facts about people and places.  I totally watch DVD’s with the directors commentary so I can learn cool things that happened on the set or something while they were filming.  I’m a dork. The tour was awesome and the visitor center was smart enough to give us 15 lovely ladies our own young cute guide Alec!  Someone may or may not have tried to undress Alec within 30 seconds of the tour starting (cough Robyn cough)!  He was a good sport though and even met us at Capital Ale House for a beer later.  The highlight of the evening would have to be our visit to one of the graveyards in Fredericksburg.  We all elected to listen to the stories while sitting in the graveyard instead of on the sidewalk outside.  Alec was telling us a story about his own personal encounter and as we sat there with bated breath he paused to deliver the scary part of the story and the church bells went off!!!!  I have never heard girls scream so loudly in my life and there were at least three sets of hands grabbing onto me.  It was hilarious, our guide could not have gotten his timing better.  I asked him how often he times that so well and he said only one other time.

Fredericksburg Meetup Group

The lovely ladies of my meetup group before our tour!

2.  Skinny Cow!  I have discovered the best dessert and it is only 2 WW points which is amazing.  I dont’ know what the difference is between Skinny Cow and regular ice cream but I can’t tell the difference.  Oh and the White Mint Chocolate Truffle bars are the best!!!  I plan to stop by tonight and pick up a couple more boxes.

3.  J Crew Outlet!  Just opened at Potomac Mills and I’m in heaven!!  I literally went back to the dressing room with a pile so big I could barely see over it.  Oh and the sales girl saw the size of jeans I had pulled to try on and went and grabbed a different style in my size that was on the clearance rack because she loves the fit.  Turns out so did I and at 20% off $30 they were more then  steal.  I’m not sure what but seriously J Crew jeans for less then $25 beans, maybe it was a miracle.  I bought two pairs and did a happy dance all the way home!!!

Hate It!

1.  Deployments!  You may not realize this but I am a Marine wife and my Marine is heading off to the sandbox soon.  I complained last week about the 3 hour time difference between us while he is training in CA.  Soon I will be complaining about the 8+ hour time difference.  I’m the type of girl that likes my husband home every night, I’m kind of needy that way.  This will be torture for me but I will be the proud military wife and keep things running at home.  I’m so happy to have made friends through my meetup group and with other local photographers so I will stay busy while he is gone.

2.  Cleaning the bathroom!  I will admit that in a choice between cleaning the bathroom and cleaning the rest of the house I will take the rest of the house.  No my bathroooms are not that scary dirty but for some reason I hate cleaning them and luckily my husband has taken over that duty.  I’m thinking that I might need a maid service while he is gone to take care of that particular chore.

3.  Summer Heat!  I love the spring and fall seasons in Virginia, they are so beautiful and the temperature is perfect for a light sweater.  The winter I can stand, I make sure to have cute jackets that keep me warm and look stylish.  The summer is my misery though, I hate being hot.  No I despise being hot, I love my ac, I love the cold breeze.  I’m not sure what happened this year in Virginia but we had a shortened spring and jumped right into the summer misery.  The forecast is in the 90’s for like the next couple weeks and the past couple weeks.  I miss the lower 80’s what happened to them this year!  If at all possible you will not find me outside the house before 5pm unless you spot me running for the next air conditioned location.  I am spoiled.  My husband comes from Charleston, SC and he loves the heat, he feels alive in the heat.  Don’t ask me what is wrong with him, I’m not sure myself.  He is miserable in the winter here, I’m not sure what we are going to do if we ever move.  I don’t know if I’m willing to go past NC because of the temperature hike.  Maybe we will just move to California, lol!

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