Love It! Hate It!: Summer Vacation + Saying Goodbye

Love It

So after some lovely comments on Facebook from my friends regarding my new weekly post I’m encourage to keep at it!  I’m not sure if it because I’m a glass half full kind of girl or not but I’m finding it really easy to think of things I love each week but not so easy to come up with things I hate.  I feel like I’m having to dig deep to come up with stuff.  I’ve decided to not force myself to come up with 3 things I hate each week but to instead just go with the flow.  Now on with the show!!!

Love It!

1.  New Opportunities!  I’m leading with this love because it explains my next love.  My last day at my day job is today.  I have been working in the IT field by day for the last ten years and doing photography classes and shoots on nights and weekends.  As fate would have it or maybe it is God laying out a path for me, my contract is up today and I do not have another IT job to go to.  (My grandparents are having heart attacks right I’m sure!)  I don’t have another IT job because I’m not looking for one.  (And now said grandparents will be calling my parents to find out what is wrong with me!) LOL!  I love you guys and I promise it will be okay!  I have spent the last couple years squeezing in my photography whenever I could and recently with my husband gone and a lot more free time on my hands I’ve been able to work on my business a lot more.  This has been great as it has translated into new clients and I’ve been able to take advantage of opportunities I was not able to before.  I can’t even tell you how excited I am to focus on my business and my art!!!  So cheers to New Opportunities!!!

2.  Summer Vacation!  I feel like a kid that is being released from school for summer vacation!!  While I don’t plan to sleep in till 11am everyday or hang out at the pool all afternoon I still feel like this is a well deserved break for me.  No fighting traffic everyday, I can get up and take my girls for a walk and then get to work!  I will even be able to set a work schedule so that I can enjoy my evenings this summer which recently have been saved up for business stuff.  Oh and as I will post about next week we are going to the beach in August!!!!  Nothing says summer vacation like the beach to me! 

3.  Reunions!  Friday I get to pick David up from the airport and I am so excited!!  He has been gone for a month and it has really just flown by.  If I can stay busy then hopefully the next year will fly by too.  I love airport reunions though, it always seems so romantic in movies.  Although movies don’t have to stick to TSA rules so the hero can chase the heroines plane down the tarmac if he wants without going to prison.  I on the other hand will stay behind the security lines and try to figure out what door he will come out of!  I like to dress up for our airport reunions, usually a pretty dress and shoes I can only stand in for an hour.  I think that comes from watching too many romantic comedies 🙂

Hate It!

1.  Saying Goodbye!  Yesterday was my going away happy hour with my coworkers.  They gave me the choice of lunch or happy hour and you know that a laid back happy hour with a cider was more my kind of going away!  I’m sad to leave my friends and they seem sad that I’m leaving also.  My weight watchers partner and I are going to keep tabs on each other through email now but it won’t be the same.  I mean when one of us is staring at a big piece of chocolate cake we need the other one to help us be strong and say NO!  I don’t always have that willpower on my own.  They did get me the best going away present ever!!!!!  A pink toolbelt!!!  Yes you read that right my very own SafetyGirl hot pink toolbelt.  It is awesome and I’m totally psyched!  Next stop is Home Depot to pick up that air compressor I’ve been eyeing and off to build myself a Parson’s desk! 

2.  Choosing gifts for my husband!  So our 2nd anniversary is Monday the 5th and I have no idea what to give him for our anniversary.  He is the worst to pick out gifts for.  I hate it!  Why can’t he be simple and tell me what he wants?  I’m usually good at picking out something for someone else but he stumps me.  I’m not alone, his mom and I have had many conversations around the holidays on what to get him.  So I’m racking my brain to come up with a gift.

I’m going with 2 this week so it must be a pretty good week if that is all I can come up with!  Till next week, ta ta!!

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