Educational Resources for Photographers.

As a former IT nerd, I have a knack for taking technical things and making them simple and relatable.


I’m using that superpower for good and helping photographers learn how to run profitable businesses and get booked by their ideal clients!

SEO keywords for photographers

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Let’s get you found on Google and increase those inquiries?


Having a steady stream of new clients that love your work and are ready to book is the dream and SEO is the way to get there.

SEO Keywords for Photographers (2)

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Do you know what keywords drive the most traffic for your genre & location?


My keywords course will walk you through identifying local keywords, finding traffic volume for them, assigning them to your website pages and implementing them properly for maximum SEO benefit!

Lifestyle Newborn Photography Coaching - Melissa Arlena

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Want to up level your business and become a profitable photographer?


I don't focus on making you a better photographer, I focus on making you a better small business owner! I want you to work smarter not harder and earn the income you deserve. Together we'll work on marketing, pricing and more!


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This pricing course for photographers has tripled my income, from $650 to 2k per session. I highly recommend it and you can read my review at the link below.

FemCity networking

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Get a 30 day free trial when you sign up with the link below!


Looking for a female networking group in your area? Check out FemCity and see if they have a chapter or start your own! I belong to the Fort Lauderdale group and we are always welcoming new members.


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Get a 60 day free trial when you sign up with the link below!


I have been using Tave as my back office CRM since 2016. I love the automations and having everything setup so it runs smoothly. Plus my favorite thing is to look at the reports and see what my booking trends are over the years.





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As a former IT Manager I can tell you that if you are charging anyone money to take their photos you need to be backing up your computers to an offsite location. Every session I shoot gets backed up locally and online within a day of my session. That way if anything were to happen to my computer or my house god forbid I know my client work is safe! It's $70 a year for unlimited data, there is no excuse to not sign up!





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I love using Session for booking my mini-sessions. It has an easy interface to setup so clients can pick their timeslot, fill out their questionnaire, sign the contract and pay all in one spot!

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Use code MARLENA535 to save $20 on your purchase of their latest theme!

I have been with ProPhoto as my website theme since 2008 when I started my photography business. You can see why I chose them and have stuck with them here.


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Get one month FREE when you sign up with the code below! Plus take advantage of their 30 free trial to try it out before you buy! CODE : G59X7C


I have used soooo many online gallery systems but from the first moment I saw PicTime I fell in love! The store option and being able to see client photos on the products just blew every other system out of the water. From there I found the Simple Sales System which is linked above and my business has skyrocketed! I especially love how PicTime is constantly updating and offering new things like slideshows and new products. Do not hesitate when picking an online gallery system just go with PicTime and thank me later!





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If you are looking for a hosting company that has been around forever and offers top notch customer service then look no further than Siteground. I host my websites with them and love how quickly they are able to solve any issues I have.

quickbooks self-employed

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Up to 55% off on QuickBooks for 3 months with the link below!


I've been using QuickBooks Self Employed for years to track my income and expenses. I love how easy it is to set rules to categorize repeat transactions and it makes tax time a breeze!


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Get 50% off your subscription


I've been using QuickBooks Self Employed for years to track my income and expenses. I love how easy it is to set rules to categorize repeat transactions and it makes tax time a breeze!


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Get 1500 FREE edits!


I have been a skeptic about AI software for editing but last year I tried out ImagenAI and it is truly AMAZING!!! I used to have a private editor and paid .39 per image, now I pay .06 per image and the edits are the same. Plus I barely have time to grab a drink before the edits are back in my inbox. My private editor took a week to get images back. This has been a no brainer for me!



the motherhood anthology

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If you are interested in being a luxury motherhood (maternity, newborn, early years family) photographer this is the group for you. I've been a TMA member for 2 years now and thanks to the things I have learned from them I have bookings on my calendar 6-8 months in advance. They offer education on everything from shooting, editing, marketing, SEO, planning events, being profitable, charging higher prices and more. Enrollment only opens a few times a year so join the free group to get in on the next round.



Melissa Arlena is an award winning Richmond and Charlottesville photographer. She recently earned her Master Photographer Certification in the Maternity, Newborn & Family categories from the National Association of Professional Child Photographers. Melissa offers maternity, lifestyle newborn, and family photography in her relaxed, natural, and joyful style.


Melissa serves Charlottesville, Richmond, Staunton, Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro, Culpeper, Gordonsville and beyond.



Melissa Arlena Photography captures newborns, maternity, and families.

Charlottesville and richmond, va

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