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Simple Sales System

(Updated 2024)I have been using the Simple Sales System Blueprint for over 3 years now and every time I look at my numbers and compare to before implementing it I am blown away. I thought it was time to sit down and write a review because I have totally bought at least 20 different pricing courses over the last 12 years. They promised me money would rain down from the sky but instead I found myself swimming in a pool of debt. This one is different and I want to shout it from the rooftops!!!

(*Please note these are affiliate codes and I do make money off of them. But I only recommend things I actually use in my business. I also love a good coupon code and like to share, you can get more codes for photographers here! There are currently no discount codes for the Simple Sales Blueprint.)

Simple Sales System

Who Am I?

A quick background on me so you know a little bit about the person writing this review. I started my business in 2008 and focused 90% on weddings. In 2018 I gave up weddings and moved over to lifestyle newborn sessions so I could spend my weekends with my family on our sailboat. But I went from making 3-4k a month to making $300-$400 if I was lucky that first year. I bought every course and tried every technique out there to price myself so people would hire me.

Simple Sales System

I did IPS for awhile but I felt salesy every time and it just didn’t work with my family schedule. Eventually I landed on all-inclusive pricing. It was working really well but the only way to make more was to keep raising my prices or take on more sessions. I had already set a max for how many sessions I could take on so raising my prices was the only option. But I was completely terrified of losing my clients and referral base if I kept upping my prices to where I needed them to be.

Discovering The Simple Sales System

Around this time I stumbled onto a new gallery software called PicTime. (Use code G59X7C to get a free month added to your plan when you sign up). They featured an app called the Simple Sales System by Annemie Tonken. I was intrigued by the claim that I could have IPS level sales without actually doing IPS ????.

Simple Sales System

But as I mentioned before I had spent A LOT of money on photography pricing courses and none of them had fulfilled their promises. So at this point I was pretty gun shy to spend my hard earned money on another miracle cure. I liked that she offered a masterclass where I could learn all about the system without signing up for anything. You can learn the bones of the entire system by watching the masterclass. Initially I thought I’ll just do that and implement it myself. Then I realized I’d rather work from a tried and true blueprint than start from scratch.

I was so hesitant that I watched it twice a couple weeks apart. Ugh I even waited so long I missed out on her bonus offer for watching the class because I was that nervous to pull the trigger. Plus I also joined her free Facebook group This Can’t Be That Hard and started listening to her podcast This Can’t Be That Hard. Let’s just say I researched the crap out of her and the class before spending my money.

So what made me fork over the benjamins?

As I said before I have taken a lot of online classes over the years and let’s be honest the hardest part of any of them is finishing things. I loved how Annemie called the course the Simple Sales Blueprint. I come from a construction family so that made sense to me! She talked about walking you through building your foundation and keeping you on track to finish and implement her course. I liked that there was a private Facebook group you could join and get more one on one help from her and the other students. (To be honest it’s my fav group because gifs are widely encouraged as comments lol!)

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But what I really liked was that my current all inclusive price could just become my bottom package price. So I knew I’d still make my minimums and so far my clients had had no issues paying that price. But it gave me room to add other collections that would let me make more! That was the part that really sold me, being able to make more money doing the same amount of work. So I hit checkout and have never looked back!

How hard is it to implement?

Remember when I said finishing a course is the hardest part? Well I carved out time in my schedule (during the pandemic with 3 kids at home) and focused on tackling the modules one by one. Annemie even has a lesson on planning your rollout of the system so you can get it done! I recommend blocking off a couple hours each day to tackle the modules and lessons inside.

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She covers everything from running your numbers, to finding your ideal clients, to of course creating your collections and picking products to sell. But then she dives into talking to clients on the phone about the system, how to setup your website to explain things and even get your email templates ready to go. I would not say her course is hard but it is comprehensive and that is awesome because it’s a system and you need all the things to work together!

I had already made the switch to PicTime which has everything pre-setup for SSS so it was easier for me but many students use Pixieset and Shootproof and have been able to set things up the same way.

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Is this only for portrait photographers?

The main bulk of the course is designed for portrait photographers but she recently updated it to add what she calls The Second Story Addition. (Did I mention how much I love the construction references?!?!) This shows you how to tweak the system to work for wedding and branding photographers, those that want to stay more all-inclusive and those that offer video as part of their services. I highly suggest joining the FB group to ask questions before you buy to be sure it fits your needs.

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Let’s Talk Real Results

I started implementing The Simple Sales System fall 2020 but already had many bookings still at my all inclusive rates so by the end of the year I had about 13 SSS clients total. Those clients spent on average $300 more which meant I made about 4k more than I would have if I had not used the system. So yeah I’d definitely say that the course more than paid for itself!

Since I was fully implemented by the first quarter of 2021 I thought it would be good to look back and compare to pre SSS. I’m comparing Jan-Mar of 2020 because that was before shutdowns started in Virginia so my schedule looked fairly normal then. I’m up 97.6% over last year!!!! So I’ve made almost 2x as much and I’ve done less sessions than I did last year (19 in 2020 and 12 in 2021). Now my clients are spending about $600 more per session than my all inclusive pricing was and I love knowing that they are getting printed products too! *2022 Update: I recently doubled my pricing and now I’m averaging 3x what I used to make when I was all inclusive. I would never have had the confidence to raise my prices to this level without this course hands down!

Simple Sales System

What about mini sessions?

I’ve used SSS for mini sessions too, my clients book the bottom collection before the mini session and then I give them 3 collection options when their gallery is ready. The bottom one is what they’ve already purchased and the top 2 are upgrades. Once again I made 2x as much on my mini sessions vs pre SSS, that meant an extra 4k in sales for the same amount of work!!!

But wait she has more!!!

A friend and I joke around that when Annemie launches a new product we feel like this…..

take my money giphy

I’m also a member of her Consistency Club which gives me monthly marketing ideas to focus on to grow my business. If you are looking to jumpstart your marketing you should check out The One Month Marketing Makeover. Keep in mind that raising prices is scary and if you don’t focus on your marketing too you’ll be left in the dust.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy, click the button below and get started!

The Simple Sales System for Photographers – Blueprint Review

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