Capsule Wardrobe : Cladwell My Favorite Closet App

Capsule Wardrobe : Cladwell My Favorite Closet App by Melissa Arlena Photography
 Cladwell capsule wardrobe

Before I tell you about the best capsule wardrobe app out there I recommend checking out the past article links below if you are new to my How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe series!

Cladwell Capsule Wardrobe
So I’m about to let you in on my FAVORITE app that makes me excited to get dressed everyday! Despite having narrowed my wardrobe down to items I love I still found myself some days going what do I want to wear. Choice paralysis because even though my closet is smaller everything goes with each other which means tons of combinations.
Enter Cladwell! I love waking up in the morning to cute motivational messages and 3 different outfit suggestions. The app takes the weather into account and suggests items based on what the temperature will be outside. Plus I’ve noticed it’s getting smart by suggesting dressier outfits for Fridays and Sundays. Perfect for date night and Sunday morning church services.
Easy Closet Creation
I’ve been with the app for about 6 months now I think and they won me over from the start with their easy system to enter your items from your closet. In the past I tried Stylebook but the taking photos of my stuff in the right lighting was kind of a pain and I just never got everything entered. Plus if I bought something new I’d have to do it all over again and my motivation dropped immensely. Cladwell has a pre-built catalog of items so I can choose the one that matches what I have the most. It’s not always 100% like my item but sometimes it’s close enough not to matter. If I can’t find anything close I can send a quick photo to the folks at Cladwell and they will add it! Since I do a lot of JCrew shopping I just take a screenshot of the item and send that over.
Separate Closets : Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Plus with their recent update you can create separate closets like Summer and Fall. Let’s say you wake up one day and it’s 85 degrees you can tell the app to give you suggestions from your Summer closet. The next day you wake up and it’s 65 degrees you can say let’s go with the Fall closet. If you are those in between days where it’s in the upper 70’s you can say send me ideas from my entire closet so you get shorts and pants options.
Work, Play, Vacation Closets
I know some people that have a Work closet and then a Play closet. You could even do a vacation capsule and include only the items you packed for the beach or ski slopes! There is a storage mode for items you don’t need in your capsule at the moment. I haven’t figured out a good use for me yet on this feature but I’ll update you if I do!
Let’s say you get your 3 options and you just aren’t feeling them, you can hit refresh on the outfit and a new one pops up. You can keep doing this to cycle through till you find one you like! Maybe you like an outfit but the shirt is dirty because you haven’t done laundry this week, you can edit the outfit and pick a shirt that is clean. Or maybe you have your heart set on wearing a certain skirt one day, you can go into your closet and pick the skirt and then tell the app to give you outfit suggestions for the skirt.
Easy Logging to See What You Wear Most
Once you’ve picked your outfit you just hit Log Outfit and it keeps track of what you wore. It also logs usage for each item so you can see what you wear a lot and what you wear a little. This is helpful when figuring out what pieces are worth investing more money in. I wear my white converse a lot as you can see, oh and I like stripes but you probably knew that already!
Suggested Shopping Lists
If you click on the Compass icon you’ll get a shopping guide where Cladwell suggests items to add to your closet and what outfits you could make with that item. If you are still working on your capsule journey click on the Capsule Guide and there are a ton of resources to get you started. As I think about my fall capsule I can see some suggestions that Cladwell has made and I already have a few of them so that works great!
The only thing on my Wishlist right now is the ability to plan ahead. I’d like to be able to pack for a weekend or a short trip and get suggestions before I leave. I’ve made the suggestion and so far the app developers have been great with updates so I hope this one is on the radar for a future release! Fingers crossed!!!
Free 3 day trial
Now you can try out Cladwell for FREE for 3 days! How awesome is that? I signed up before they offered the trial period and figured if I hated it I was out a couple bucks and would cancel. Turns out as you know I LOVED it! The fee I pay is nothing compared to the money I’ve saved by not buying random clothing items. I actually just switched from the monthly plan to paying for a full year which is saving me $20/yr. Woohoo! Plus getting dressed is so easy in the mornings, I’m excited to see what outfits it will suggest. Since my closet is full of items I love I truly feel stylish everyday!

*the links in this post for Cladwell are affiliate links which means I get a few dollars back if you sign up. Honestly I’d rave about this app without the kickback but who doesn’t like free money! #ad

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