Capsule Wardrobe : Capsuling for Dummies

capsule wardrobe capsuling for dummies

So I started this series talking about What is a Capsule Wardrobe and Where to Start! So if you have no idea what I’m talking about definitely go there first and learn about my hanger trick. Last week I covered Choosing Your Capsule Wardrobe Colors, we talked about season changes and the Vacation test. This week we are talking about Capsuling for Dummies!

Capsule Wardrobe for Dummies

This year I discovered what I like to call Capsule Wardrobes for Dummies or the style challenged! That would totally be me, which is why this journey started on Pinterest. I was looking for other peoples cute outfits and realized I had everything in my closet already but never thought to put them together. So last year I discovered the website had ebooks to help you create your capsule wardrobe. Now I knew Leann had tons of blog posts with inspiration and challenges but I never paid attention to her ebooks. This year I took a look at them and really liked the preview of the Spring Essentials (SE)! The colors were navy, pink, gray and white mainly and I could tell I already owned some of the basics like white jeans, a chambray shirt and of course a striped shirt.

capsule wardrobe capsuling for dummies essential capsule wardrobe spring essentials 2017

Finding Your Style

I like that Leann has several different books depending on your style. Despite the fact that I work from home I felt the Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) version was a little too casual for me. If you love leggings and tunics though I’ve heard it would be good for you. There is a Workwear (WW) book for those that struggle with dressing for work everyday and the French Minimalist (FM) seems like a good in between for the Workwear and the Spring Essentials. I would say to evaluate your lifestyle and what you already have that you love and see what matches best. The ebooks are $20 and you get a shopping list and then outfit guides. So you can plan out your whole week or month and know you’ll be looking cute and stylish! I linked to the Spring versions above and if you are interested in the Summer ones click on the photos below. I’ll also update when the Fall ebooks come out!

capsule wardrobe capsuling for dummiescapsule wardrobe capsuling for dummiescapsule wardrobe capsuling for dummiescapsule wardrobe capsuling for dummies

*These are affiliate links which means if you decide to purchase I do get a small commission. It’s like when they ask you at the register if anyone helped you today! Hopefully I’ve helped you and of course you are under zero obligation to buy.

Subbing Colors

I was lucky to find the SE fit my style and favorite colors pretty well but I understand for some they don’t like a certain color in the capsule. Here is the great thing though you can adapt it to you! For instance gray is one of the colors in the SE capsule but I didn’t really want to buy gray jeans, I just didn’t see myself wearing them and loving them. But I did have a pair of mint jeans already and a mint cardigan that I love so I subbed mint for gray and it worked well for me. I would say if you want to swap colors make sure you stay in the same tone, pastels for pastels, jewel tones for jewels tones etc. I also subbed a striped blue button down type shirt for a teal gingham I already had. I made sure it worked with the outfits in the guide and I didn’t have to buy something extra. Leann just released the Fall Essentials ebook and I’m not super in love with the color scheme but I’ve already got some ideas of colors I can sub. I’ll cover that in another post!

Save on Shopping

I hear a lot of people complaining that they feel like they are having to buy a bunch of stuff and they thought they were going to save money. So there are two paths here! You either shop your closet as much as possible, subbing things that still work with the guide or you learn to thrift and become coupon/sale savvy. Leann links to a lot of items from online shops that have sales all the time, you just have to watch for them. I know a lot of people have had great luck picking things up from thrift stores too. That is wear I got my mint jeans last year! I’m going to talk more about shopping your closet at home next week.

After a year of sticking to capsuling I have to say my shopping habits are WAY down! Now when I walk through Target and I see a cute top I stop and think does this work with my capsule style, does it fit my color scheme and can I think of three outfits it would work with that are already in my closet. If I can’t say yes to all three of those questions I don’t buy it! I’m not buying a lot of stuff now lol!

Trying Something New

There were a couple items in the ebook that I wasn’t sure about, one was a pair of distressed jeans. I’m mean c’mon it’s not the 80’s anymore and I’m not a teenager. I planned to just sub another pair of regular jeans but I found a distressed pair at Old Navy that I tried on and ended up LOVING! Plus Leann included a green utility style jacket that I was questioning. I wasn’t sure how much I would wear it and I thought maybe navy would be a better option for me. But I bit the bullet and found one on sale at Old Navy and I really like it! I feel like Joanna Gaines when I wear it, lol! For summer I was on the fence about the cold shoulder tops but I found a cute one at Target and totally fell in love! I doubt I would have tried it without seeing some outfit ideas for it from Leann.



  1. Turn all the hangers backwards in your closet. Bonus if you do the same to your coat closet!
  2. Pick your color scheme and remember you can change it with the seasons.
  3. Try out the vacation or weekend test with a mini capsule!
  4.  Buy one of Leann’s ebooks that match your style and needs.


Next week I’m going to talk about implementing her ebooks and narrowing down your capsule! Plus I can’t wait to tell you about my favorite app that makes getting dressed everyday fun and easy! Oh and check out my Pinterest board with loads of inspiration plus more tips articles on starting your own Capsule Wardrobe!


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