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Having a photo session is a big deal, probably has been since you were a kid.  You got a new outfit maybe a haircut and your Mom probably fussed to make sure there was no dirt on your face.  As an adult the rituals haven’t really changed and I wanted to show everyone that as a photographer I am not any different when it comes to having my own photo taken.  It is a big deal to me also and I have looked around to find the right photographer whose work I love and I think will be really fun to hang with and have a session.  I’m betting I will learn a few tricks from her too and that is always a bonus!  Our session isn’t until August but I wanted to show everyone how I’m preparing…. besides the crash diet!

For the ladies the outfit alone is probably the thing we will stress the most over and spend our time perfecting.  For our shoot not only are we having photos done as a couple but I’m getting new headshots for the website, blog and everywhere else I’ve stuck my mug.  So the inspiration for my outfit comes straight from my website and blog branding, I want to look modern, elegant, crisp and clean (no dirt on this face!).  I knew I wanted to wear orange and blue but I wanted to make sure it was softer tones of those colors just like I try to have on my site.  Jeans are the obvious staple but there is a world of different fits to those too.  Of course I went straight to my favorite store JCrew for inspiration and ideas.  Check out my idea board below and then keep reading to see why I’ve picked these things and how you can incorporate these ideas into your outfit for your session.

Outfit 1

So the first thing you’ve probably noticed is I have 3 sweater choices.  I actually own option 2 so sticking with that means not having to buy another sweater.  But I don’t know if the ruffles on the sweater will be too much when added to the ruffles on the camisole.  I’m thinking they will which is why I like option 3 but of course that one is sold out in my size.  I have the pink version of option 1 and I love it but again I’m worried that there are too many ruffles.  I am welcome to suggestions and votes for a sweater in the comments below, help a girl out!

Onto the top, I saw this in the JCrew outlet last week and it is the perfect color, exactly what I was looking for!!!  I love the ruffles and it fits beautifully.  Wearing items with some kind of texture to them look great in photographs.  You can overdo this but one item with a fun texture is usually perfect!  I also already own a pair of the modern slim jeans from the same store and they too fit great.  The darker color of the denim makes it look more dressy and when paired with the top I think it gives off a very elegant vibe.

I adore these sparkly sandals but alas they are not available in my size in that color but I will keep searching and I’m sure I can find something similar in the next two weeks.  A french pedicure will be a must to go along with the sparkly sandals!  Onto my cute little belt, I’ll be honest when I took it back to the dressing room I thought it was a hair thingy.  I wasn’t completely wrong you can use it to tie back in your hair but you’ll need to clip your hair too if you want it to stay, it definitely works better as a belt.  Finally we move to jewelry, my favorite part!  I love this twisted chain with pearls necklace, very chic.  I’m never sure how many necklaces to wear with something or what to pair with my outfit so I find looking at catalogs like JCrew and Anthropologie and seeing how the models are styled helps.  I plan to look back through some catalogs and see what looks best paired with the ruffled top.  Never forget to add in some cute accessories, they can be a fun belt like I have or a cute headband or hairclip.  Etsy is a great place to find vintage and one of a kind jewelry and accessories.  This is your perfect excuse to dress up a little more then normal and work it!!!

So you can see that I obsess over clothing choices just like my clients do and that is all for Outfit 1.  I’m still deciding between a dress or a skirt for Outfit 2 and don’t even get me started on what to put together for David.  He will probably be pretty basic in a polo and jeans but that is only because he will most likely shoot down any other outfit I come up with 🙂

So if you know of the perfect sweater to go with my outfit or you saw the cutest skirt last week and think I would look adorable in it then post away in the comments!  Oh and if you know where I can find those sparkly sandals in a size 9 you will be my friend for life!!!!

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