Love It! Hate It! : River Tubing & Broken Lenses

Love It

I know I skipped last week, I’m sorry 🙁  I was babysitting a 3 & 4 year old and I have no idea how stay at home mom’s get anything done 🙂  Maybe since they weren’t my kids I was a little overly paranoid of returning them to their mother broken in some form, you know like bumps and bruises from getting hurt in my care.  So instead I barely let them out of my sight which resulted in not getting much done 🙂  This is practice for whenever David and I decide to start producing our own offspring!  I am happy to report they sustained no injuries while in my care despite trying to beat each other up while asleep in the car.  So onto the fun stuff!!!

Love It!

1.  River Tubing!  A couple Sunday’s ago my meetup group scheduled a river tubing meetup on the Rappahannock River.  We had a blast, hanging out in a tube floating down a river is definitely a great way to spend a Sunday!  There were a couple small rapids to run through and I would have loved to run through even more!  It really made me miss whitewater rafting! 

2. Awesome Sessions!  I had an engagement session (e-session) on Monday night in Downtown Fredericksburg and it was fabulous!!!  I prayed on the way out to the session that God would give me a little hand in finding the best light and we found beautiful light almost everywhere.  I finally got to take a client down under the train station where there are all these amazing arches and awesome texture.  I love cool architectural details!  The session will be up on the blog on Friday so please stop by and check it out, April and Ryan are a gorgeous couple and I had the hardest time picking which images to edit!  There were so many awesome ones to choose from, it was like being a kid in a candy store!!!

3. My DVR!  That thing you would take to a desert island yeah for me it would be my DVR.  I know there are logistics of having to take a tv and of course have cable or sat tv installed on the desert island also but I would do it all for my DVR 🙂  I think I might need some help with my DVR obsession.  Way back when TIVO was brand new I actually got an RCA version of a DVR, it plugged into the telephone outlet so it could download the tv schedule.  The funniest thing is my roommate got it when she was part of the Jack Diamond Morning Show Free For All Friday audience.  (Man say that 3x fast!!!)  She had no real use for it so she gave it to me and it was like the holy grail!!  No longer was I tied to the couch when my fav shows were on, no longer did I have to sit through commercials!!!  By now I’m sporting the DVR that comes from the cable station.  It is still the most awesome invention next to electricity, television and cable 🙂

Hate It!

1. Broken Lenses!  Ugh so there is nothing worse then when your favorite lens stops working unless it stops working in the middle of a wedding reception while you are using it.  That is the pits!!!  To top that I just had the same issue fixed last October and of course the repair warranty expired in April.  If you have a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens be aware that there is an issue with the autofocus motor but it is not deemed by Canon as a known issue.  So that means you have to pay to have it fixed, bummer.   A quick search on Google will show that tons of people have had the same issue.  I adore my 50mm, it is my baby and I use it more then anything else.  If only the next step up to the 50mm 1.2 didn’t cost $1500.  Yes you read that correctly, $1500!  Photographers know though that once you step up to the red ring in Canon lenses you will have a lens that will last you many, many years and outlast any camera body you purchase.  I just can’t get past the price tag right now 🙂

2. Getting Nervous!  So I had a consult the other week with a couple I had never met before, they had found me online.  I made sure all my products and stuff was packed up and I had a packet ready for them and I even got to Starbucks early!  So I setup my laptop and made sure everything was in order and I still had like 10min to go.  Long enough to start getting very nervous, the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy and I thought please don’t puke.  I swear it was fact that I was completely prepared that had me nervous, I had nothing to distract me at the last minute while waiting for the clients.  Suddenly I’m worried they will hate me and am reaching a slight panic level because I don’t even know what they look like.  At that point a lovely couple opened the door and had that look on their face that they were a little nervous too and weren’t sure who they were looking for.  My nerves faded away and we had a great consult including finding out that the groom to be had been blowing things up at TBS the week before and that explained why my house was shaking at midnight 🙂

3. Sold Out!  So if you saw my post about my outfit for our photo session then you saw the cute JCrew sandals I posted.  Yeah they are sold out unless you are a size 5.  Why!!!!!  I love them, they are adorable, I want them!!!! No!!! I hate Sold Out.  Of course I can’t find anything I like as much because that is just the way it always works.  If you find them for me I will love you forever!!!

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