Love It! Hate It!: Words With Friends & No Contact

Love It

It has been fun to see my Love It! Hate It! posts getting shared by my friends on Facebook and Twitter!! You guys rock! I also laugh when I check out my stats and see how many people are finding me through these posts and the things they are searching for when they stumble across me. Things like “tubing ” and “saying good bye to summer vacay” and “river weddings” have come up! I realized today that these posts are really a chance for me to appreciate some things I am thankful for in my life and to acknowledge things I am struggling with. I think it will be kind of fun to look back on these in a couple years and see how much I’ve overcome and relive some fond memories! So here we go!

Love It!

1. Impromptu Parties! Monday night I had a very impromptu birthday party for a friend at the house and it was great to be able to call a few girls from my meetup group that are in the area and have them come over. We cooked dinner, drank wine, ate ice cream cake and had great conversation! It was such a wonderful evening that I’m thinking we will have to do at least once a month or so!! I’m so thankful to have made so many wonderful friends through my group and be able to call them up at a moments notice and plan something.

2. Nike Cropped Sweat Pants! I went shopping with a friend on Monday and we hit up the Nike store so she could pick up her fall outfit that will inspire her to run. Yes gentlemen we ladies need a new outfit to inspire us to exercise. It is the only part about exercising that we look forward to. If you are going to be sweaty and nasty you better be rockin a hot outfit to distract everyone! So I’ve never been a sweatpants person, sorry I just think they look sloppy, but she picked up a pair of cropped sweat pants. I have to say they looked pretty cute! When I say a pair in navy blue I was sold and when I wore them to bed the other night I was in heaven. They were super comfy and with the cropped leg I didn’t feel so sloppy, I felt cute 🙂 They aren’t quite having the effect of wanting to go running though, more like they make me want to sit on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and watch romantic comedies. Thank goodness the two t-shirts have inspired me to get off the couch and at least go for a walk in the morning with the pups. See I just needed a new outfit to inspire me 😉

3. Words With Friends! I’m seriously addicted to this game, David was ready to take my phone away while we were on vacation because of it. My sister and I currently have a war going with each other that I’m thinking is never going to end. We’ve both managed to sneak in last minute attacks to win and the points spread is less then 10. I disagree with half her words though, I think if you can’t use it in a sentence then it is a no go! Since when is queasy spelled with a Z instead of an S. I’m pretty sure my 4th grade teacher would have marked that one wrong if I spelled it with a Z. WWF gave her like 40 points for it or something ridiculous. Even my spell check on this post says that a Z is WRONG!!! I got her back though, “Distance” on two TL and one TW and I rocked out at 72 points! Find me as melissaarlena and let’s get a game going, feed my obsession!

Hate It!

1. No Contact! So it has been a couple days now since I heard from my husband and I know this is normal but it still freaks me out. I know I’m not supposed to do it but I did check CNN to make sure something hadn’t happened over there. I know that he is busy now and as soon as he can he will contact me. It is just sucky though in the meantime.

2. Gained Weight! Ugh so I was doing so well until I went on vacation and then I gained back 6lbs that I had lost. So now it is back to working on my diet and doing more to work out. The pups and I are walking every morning now and I’m trying to get us up to 2 miles. Maxie wasn’t so happy with the walk today but she seems to have recovered from it now. Next I need to throw out all the bad sweets and beer so I no longer have temptation in the house.

I’m doing pretty good this time as I only have 2 things to hate! Thanks for stopping by and maybe I will see you on Words with Friends soon!

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