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With David being deployed for Valentines day this year I was thinking about our first Valentine’s day together and what a disaster it was!  I thought I would share the story so that if you have a bad V-day just know that it could have been worse!  Word of forewarning this story is not very pretty and if you have a weak stomach I would suggest not continuing.  David and I had been dating for almost a year when we had our first Valentines day.  He planned this wonderful evening in DC where he had booked a hotel room.  I had a new dress and shoes and treated myself to a mani/pedi in preparation for this big date.  I think V-day was a Friday that year so we both had to work that day and then he was coming over to my parents house to pick me up!  I stopped off at McD’s for breakfast that morning and headed into the office.  About halfway through the morning I wasn’t feeling so good and next thing my coworker knew I was tearing out of the office and running for the bathroom to worship the porcelain throne.  Oh this was not good was all I could think, I was so sick I could barely move.  When I could finally move I dragged myself back to the office and told them I was going home.  I made it home and laid on my parents couch with frequent trips to worship some more on that white throne.  I kept thinking I could sleep it off, I willed myself to get better and I was determined not to screw up his big plans.  I finally got up and showered again and put on my new dress and shoes, made my hair pretty and put on my make-up.  I told David I was feeling better so he came over to get me.  I remember when he came into my room I was sitting on the edge of my bed willing myself to not get sick again, I think I remember he said I was very pale.  Next thing he knows I’m getting sick in the trash can by my bed and he is holding my hair back.  I know I must have looked incredibly sexy right then in my pretty dress and new shoes while he held my hair back so I wouldn’t have puke in it.  I’m pretty sure he was completely grossed out!  He told me that we could stay at my parents house and try to salvage some of the evening or if I was feeling up to it we could go to the hotel since it was already paid for and I could be sick in a nice hotel room.  I figured what the heck I was going to be sick it seemed where ever it was, at least this way I’d have a nice view of DC.  When we got to the hotel I laid on the bed and told him to to touch it because the motion of him sitting on the bed was making me sick.  At that point he started breaking out his kitchen supplies and told me his plan was to make my favorite meal his Fettuccine Alfredo from scratch!  Seriously he broke this recipe out on our 2nd date and I was sold, I thought he is mine from here out!  Oh I was so upset because I knew there was no way I could eat it.  So he went ahead and made this wonderful meal and we chatted and laughed about how our V-day had not turned out at all like we had planned.  By the time he was done I remember I was feeling better and was able to eat a few bites.  When I woke up the next morning I was fine, I’m not sure if it was a 24 hour bug or food poisoning but I was so thankful it was over!!  I can say that is the worst Valentines Day I’ve ever had but we went through some fun relationship points like being there for the other when they were sick.  Since then David has nursed me through a couple hangovers and held my hair back every time.  I’d say he is a keeper!  Even if he make crazy faces whenever I take a picture of us!

David and Melissa on the boat in summer of 2010

So ladies I hope you have a better V-day then I did that year!  I will be helping out at Amanda’s flower shop Anthomanic off of Onville Rd so send your significant other over to pick up a gorgeous bouquet!  I’m hoping my man doesn’t forget me this year since he is busy getting ready to come home!!

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