How I Met my Husband

If I had known my life was about to be forever altered I would have put on some mascara at least….

That morning 10 years ago today I had no idea that my life would be forever altered. It was a morning very similar to this morning ironically, I was up earlier than usual because I had to be someplace early. I showered and threw on jeans and a sweatshirt, no makeup and ran out the door with wet hair. Pretty much exactly like I did this morning except with two little boys in tow now :).

That day I was meeting a co-worker and a group of her friends for a weekend trip white water rafting in West Virginia! I was at that stage in my life where I wanted nothing to do with boys having just let go of a “relationship” I clung to way too long. I use the term relationship very loosely and because this is a PG blog ;). So when I rolled up at 7am to my friends house in my VW Cabrio (David loved that car, j/k) I’m pretty sure I looked a hot mess considering I put zero effort into myself. Knowing I was about to meet my future husband I’d at least go back and slap some mascara on so I wouldn’t look so “tired” aka like crap! Although considering most days I sport wet hair and no makeup I can at least say I offered truth in advertising for our first meeting ;).

So back to the story, I honestly didn’t even notice David until at least a couple hours after the trip started. I know that is awful of me, but remember I was in a no boys zone. I do clearly remember when I first noticed him, he was sitting in the parking lot of an apartment building while we were waiting for one of our caravan member to finish getting a ticket for his tint being too dark. David drove a black Mustang convertible at the time and of course had the top down. I thought to myself nice car, and then I thought who is that he’s kind of cute, very quickly followed by who is the girl in the front seat.

What I didn’t know was that David noticed me way back when I first arrived and by this time he had already started gathering intel on me. He had asked who I was and was trying to find out if I was single, I believe he was told I was kind of dating someone. When we got to the campground I pulled out my tent and started setting up. Now remember that no boy zone, yeah I was so intent on being a strong female who didn’t need a man I had actually practiced setting up my tent in my parents front yard. #girlpower right there ;). Well that Southern boy apparently saw the opportunity and jumped in helping me setup my tent, he asked if I needed help but started helping me anyway so I couldn’t say no. I remember thinking “No I practiced, I don’t need help” but of course I didn’t stop him. He was also very quick to throw out that the girl in his car was a friend and not his girlfriend in any shape or form. Then he went in for the kill shot, photos of his yellow lab puppy on his phone! Straight up girl bait is what he had right there!

The next few days are somewhat of a blur, let’s just say there were late nights, early mornings, long days on the river and LOTS of alcohol. I remember him flirting with me and challenging me to see who could stay up the longest one night. I’m going to confess to you guys that I’m a terrible flirt, I require caveman style flirting where they knock you over the back of the head and drag you off to their cave. Zero skills right here, not only can I not flirt but I wasn’t 100% sure if he was actually flirting with me. Another friend had to point it out to me. When he launched himself off his raft to knock me into the river I finally got it ;). He looked pretty buff in his farmer john wetsuit too ;).

So we got to the end of the trip and we were back in the same driveway where he first noticed me. I deliberately hung around longer then I normally would have to see if he would ask me out. Finally I gave up. As I walked to my car I heard him call my name and turned to see him running towards me. I don’t remember exactly what he said but I know I got into my car with a date planned for the following weekend! The rest is history as they say!

Now I wish I could tell you I have photos of that weekend but sadly I don’t. So instead I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite images of that cute boy with the black mustang and the big guns :). Happy 10 years baby!


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