Love It! Hate It! New Office

Love It! Hate It!

So if you paid attention to my fan page on Saturday you heard the big reveal that I moved into studio space in Downtown Fredericksburg!  AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!  Imagine me screaming and jumping up and down with excitement!!  I actually signed the lease two weeks ago but have been so busy all I had time to do was hang my sign on the door and that was it.  I’m happy to say I’m writing this post from my studio so I’m all moved in.  No pictures yet though and as you read this weeks Love It! Hate It! you’ll learn why.  Don’t worry, just be patient and they will be up soon!  I’ll be hosting an open house in December for all my clients and friends to stop by and check it out, who knows you might see your photos on my walls!!

New Office Edition!

Love It!

1.  Wall Displays!  Finally I have wall space to hang all the photos of my fabulous clients!  I haven’t had time to sit down yet and figure everything out but I already have some ideas of wall displays.  I’m so excited for client meetings and being able to show you how you can display your photos in your home.  I have had some awesome weddings this year and I’ve been salivating at the idea of hanging them in the office!  Now just to find time to pick the photos and order them.

2.  Meeting Space!  I’ve done consults at my home, Starbucks, Hyperion and even a McDonald’s once!  I felt like a traveling saleman with my magic carpet bag full of albums and stuff.  Now I have one space to worry about and no more magic bag because everything I need is on display and easily within reach.  How could I sell you a fabulous gallery wrap before when you couldn’t see one, now I can take off the wall and hand it over so you can see how cool they are!  I’ve got coffee and cool music and a place where we can all sit and chat!  No more yelling over the Starbucks coffee grinder!

3.  Puppies!  No my office didn’t come with free puppies, although that would have been cool!  Nope but I can bring my girls to work with me, they are currently sleeping on the rug in front of me.  I think they like the office!  I’ve always wanted to work someplace I could bring my dog to work with me.  I”m not gonna lie, I do miss being able to just let them out during the day to do their business but now I”m forced to get up and go for a walk which is good for me!  So if you hear barking when you walk in don’t worry they don’t bite but they can sound a bit scary!  I look at them as extra security ;).  Eventually I’d like to do more pet sessions here and I’m really excited about that!

Hate It!

1. Painting!  Or more accurately choosing a paint color.  I want my office to look like my website threw up on it which sounds really unattractive, sorry.  But I want it to have the same colors and hopefully reflect my brand values of Modern and Elegant with a bit of rustic thrown in.  So furniture wise I’m set but wall color wise……..uh it’s not looking so elegant right now 🙁  It’s more cotton candy blue or remember the blue bubbalicious bubble gum, um yeah not elegant.  So I think there will be another paint makeover next week to remedy the situation.  I just have to choose the right color, UGH!!!  This will be my third time trying to get it right, I need help!!!  So if you stop by the studio before then just close your eyes and pretend it looks amazing ;).  I promise it will get there soon!

By the way I just want to call out my lovely sister and reveal to the world that she is the worst moving helper ever 😉  She will show up to your house after you’ve loaded everything and then show up to the studio after you’ve unloaded everything.  Her only saving grace is she arrived with food!  Oh and she stayed all day and helped me put everything together, so I guess she isn’t too awful;).  Love you sis!

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