Love It! Hate It!: Country Music & Customs Forms

Love It

Love It!

1. Country Music!  I have a confession to make……I have been listening to my husbands country music station in the truck and my car since he left.  You are probably thinking why is that a confession, well I am the girl that has HATED country music with a passion since I was a kid and was forced to listen to my Dad’s boring country station.  I would whine and complain and change it to my favorite station as soon as I could.  When I started dating David and found out he listened to country music I thought oh no this will never work!  I will give him credit that at least his country music choices are more modern then my Dad’s.  So after 5 years I’ve gotten pretty used to listening to the local station 93.3 when I’m in the car with David and I actually started to like it.  There are still some country songs that are way too depressing for me and make me mad, like this one where the woman waits on the dude all her life because he is always traveling and then when she is dying he doesn’t make it back in time.  That is horrible, I was so mad at the end of the song.  I have become a fan of Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert now and I think they are more my style.  I think the real reason I listen to the country station is that it reminds me of road trips with David so I feel a little bit closer to him.  Although being in the car with him usually involves doing donuts somewhere or squealing the tires at stop lights, usually followed by a very stern shout of “David!!!” from me.

2. Flowers!  I must be a super lucky girl because in the last week I’ve gotten flowers from two people and they are both gorgeous arrangements!!  One is from an awesome florist I’ve talked about a ton recently on the blog, seriously go check her out, get flowers for your mom, girlfriend, wife or even better for yourself!  Don’t forget this weekend is the SPCA fundraiser at her shop, bring your pet, get a photo and pick up some flowers while you are there 🙂  The second set of flowers came today from my wonderful hubby and there was a teddy bear with them!  Yay!!  I love getting flowers, they are so pretty and always make me smile.  After watching the Nate Berkus show yesterday I may have to start channeling his monochromatic floral arrangement look around the house.

3.  Cupcakes!  I am a huge cupcake fan, cakes are okay but cupcakes are really where its at!  My birthday this year, yep it featured lemon cupcakes with lemon icing care of my Mommy and my sister.  It may be weird but I totally prefer cupcakes made from a box over the ones you buy in the grocery store.  Maybe it is the icing, I don’t know but my family knows every year that store bought cakes don’t cut it with me, it better be from a box.  Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines doesn’t matter which just as long as it is lemon.  I’m about to have some cupcakes sent to David from Bangerang Bake Shop, they are so cute and they come in a little jar!  I love the jar, I think these cupcakes would make amazing favors for a wedding.  Oh that reminds me I had the most heavenly cupcake at a wedding recently it was a banana pudding cupcake.  IT…..WAS…..AMAZING!!!!  Oh my god it was so good I had two, one at the wedding and one when I got home.  I still think about the awesome yummyness of that cupcake, it will haunt my soul forever.  Oh look I have a photo of the divine cupcake in question (I’m running out of adjectives that accurately describe this cupcake, oh and it took me a minute to remember the word adjectives).  Ok now I really want a cupcake.

Kendall Mark 7126 Edit

The banana pudding one has the vanilla wafer sticking out of it!

Hate It!

1. Customs Forms!  Whenever I send a package to David I have to fill out the customs form stating what is in the box, etc etc.  I have to write in all the information for addresses and such in these tiny boxes and if I screw up I have to start over again.  They are a pain in the butt.  The first time I went to fill one out I had to ask for not one replacement form but 4, yes 4.  I don’t know what was wrong with me that day but I could not fill the thing out without making a mistake.  Oh and they only give you a couple lines to describe what is in the box, seriously I jam those boxes full of cards, letters, photos, dvd’s, coffee, soap anyway you get the picture.  I can’t fit all that into just a couple lines.  Even worse is when I’m sending two boxes like today and I’ve already sealed them and then the guessing game of which box is which happens.  I’m like a kid at Christmas shaking these boxes to see if I can figure out what is in it and I packed them so I should know!  Today I guessed based off weight so I could get the right form with the right box, let’s hope I guessed right.  At least this round is done and now I can start thinking about what goes in the next box.

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  • amanda appleOctober 27, 2010 - 10:10 pm

    mmm cupcakes! 🙂 That sounds very yummy – especially the lemon part!!!

  • HeatherOctober 28, 2010 - 1:40 pm

    Melissa you are so sweet to steadily send your hubby packages….so sweet. I also love country music and I was one of the ones who said I would never like it as well 😉 I like you turn the station when certain songs come on, but overall I am a country girl.

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