Love It! Hate It! Pink Wellies and Power Outages

I’m writing this post from Panera because I have no power at home. I’m wishing I had sprung for the iPad keyboard because the one handed pecking is going to take awhile. I’m surrounded by lots of people and laptops, it is like a jungle where people are on the prowl for electrical plugs and they pounce when they find one. Another reason I luv my iPad, pretty good battery life 🙂 So this month has been crazy for me which is a good thing because it brings me one month closer to David coming home!!!! I have a plan to blog everyday in February so feel free to harp on me to complete that goal.

Love It!

1. Pink polka dot wellies! I saw them at Target (aka my fav place) last fall and had to have them! Plus they were on clearance so I saved more then I spent ;). Girls get my logic here, my hubby not so much. When it comes to shopping and sales this is how my brain works and I like it that way!! So my pink polka dot boots have come in handy already this year, no more soaked tennis shoes. Yay!!! My only recommendation is to get the fleece inserts, I passed on them and now I wish I hadn’t. Extra socks seem to be working but fleece is so snuggly!

Target Polka Dot Pink Wellies

Target Polka Dot Pink Wellies

2. Candles! So last night the snow started and while it flickered several times it did not occur to me to get ready in case it really went out. Nope, so there I was standing in the kitchen in the pitch black with no clue where the flashlight was or where the dog happened to be laying at that moment. She prefers to lay right in the middle so no matter what direction you head she is always in the way. Of course being the techie I am I thought where is my phone? I figured I could light things up with it till I located the flashlight, man I love technology :). So after tripping over the dog and fumbling in the dark I found it and used it to locate matches. I happen to have lots of candles out in my decorating so I was able to light the place up! I had a very romantic candlelight dinner with myself and thanked my lucky stars that my dinner was done right before the power went out. I made up my bed with extra covers (electric heat was out too) by candlelight and felt very colonial. It was strange but fun to blow out my candle night light to head off to sleep. So candles rock bc I still have no clue where the flashlight is!

3. Pretty Snow! I love snow and I firmly believe that cold without snow is just dumb. No point to the cold unless we get snow. This was the best snow too, nice and wet and heavy. It stuck to the tree limbs beautifully and makes great packing snow for snowmen and snowballs!! I’m wishing I was sledding right now…..

Snow covered tree branch

Snow covered tree branch

Hate It!

1. Power Outage! I’m sure you are not surprised by this. So everything in my house it electric. So no power means no heat, no running water & no entertainment devices for Melissa. My mom can attest this is a bad thing, I like being entertained. Don’t get me wrong I love to read but I’ve read everything at my house and I was in a “I don’t wanna” mood last night.  So I contemplated driving the girls and myself to my parents for heat, shower and entertainment but decided to tough it out and went to bed. I really wish my hubby had been home because we could have been working on our own snow baby ;). The mood was all set with the colonial candles!!

Oh and another thing I hate about power outages is the estimated time to fix it.   It keeps changing, it was noon, then 2pm and now 3pm. I’m not looking forward to going home to a cold house :(. At least my soup warmed me up! UPDATE: When I got home at 1:30 the power had been restored!!! Yay I am a happy girl again 🙂

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  • amandaJanuary 27, 2011 - 10:40 pm

    Colonial Candles! 😀 ahahaha! Amen to that! I feel the same way about snow, no point in being cold if there is no snow!

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