Love It! Hate It! : 3G Networks & Delivery Companies

Love It

So I think making this an every other week column works best for me and since I’ve been pretty good at that schedule so far I’m going to stick with it!

Love It!

1. 3G Networks!  Okay so I had no idea how spoiled we are being in the Northern Virginia area and having almost constant access to AT&T’s 3G network.  David and I both have iphones and surfing the web is usually pretty quick.  I’m not talking desktop cable modem fast but pretty good considering I can get to most internet sites on something that is the size of my hand.  I’m impressed by this!  Last week we traveled to Emerald Isle, NC for a week of beach, sun and fun on our vacation.  The only unfun part was that we were on an ……E network.  I had no idea how spoiled we were until we found ourselves giving up on searching for anything on our phones unless we could connect to a nearby wi-fi network.  I have no idea how I would survive in an E only area it is like going from having indoor plumbing to running out to the outhouse at 2am to use the bathroom.  How do people in E areas survive?!?!?  Ok that may be a little melodramatic but it was a pain in the you know what!  Thank goodness for Wi-Fi and that leads to my second love this week!

2.  Unsecured WiFi!  So I picked the one beach house without wireless internet….oops.  Hey on the list of wants for a beach house I had two- must allow pets and must be beachfront!  I accomplished those two so I was thrilled.  Anyway here is the wonderful thing about beach communities they pack the houses really tight together and they don’t secure their wifi!!!  Yes!!!!  So we had our choice of several networks to connect our phones and laptops to and bask in the speed of someone else’s internet access.  About the only thing we found we could not do was stream a movie from netflix on the computer, our wireless signal was not quite up to the task.  All in all though thank you to every beach house owner who does not secure your wireless internet, I’m a big fan of yours!

3.  Wonderful friends, family and clients!  With David leaving my friends, family and even my awesome clients have been soo sweet and supportive of me.  The kind words on my blog and on facebook mean so much to me.  Thank you for being so awesome!  I know you guys will help keep me busy and distracted so the next 7 months fly by!

I must be having a bad week because I have several Hate It’s to choose from this week.

Hate It!

1. Delivery Companies- Part 1! So I am having a bad week regarding packages apparently and Fedex and USPS are on my hit list.  USPS claims my label somehow separated from a box I shipped and now I have to fill out paperwork for them to find the box.  It was a 20lb box with the label secured by 4 pieces of tape not sure how they just lose each other.  Now I have a very lovely buyer that I’m probably going to have to refund this week and wait for USPS to locate my box if that ever happens. 

2. Delivery Companies- Part 2! Fedex why do you make me feel like a horrible person for not knowing who my neighbors are?  I’m not completely awful; I’ve met them all but I’m terrible with names.  My two babies (camera body and 50mm lens) were shipped back to me from Canon after repairs and imagine my shock after waiting all day with the door wide open was I to find someone else signed for them!!!!  Even worse was that I had no idea who signed for them and there was no note in their system that B. Spode was at XX address.  I’ve gone back and forth between feeling ashamed at having no idea who B. Spode was and being ticked off that they could have given the tools to my livelihood to someone who might not like me.  (Impossible I know 🙂  So as I’m riding with David to the airport and freaking out at who has my camera I remembered how to access my countys real estate system that lists all the people who live on my street.  Thank you 3G and iphone for being able to do this while in the car!  I was able to look at the names and find out which neighbor it was and when I got home they had left the packages on my doorstep.  Thank you to good neighbors even if I don’t know your last name!  Fedex I ask that next time you put a note in the delivery report that the package was left at an alternate address so I at least know which house to send the thank you note to!

3.  Goodbyes!  They suck.  If you follow my blog or know me personally then you know my husband David is a Marine and is headed to Afghanistan for the next 7 months.  He spent most of the summer in California but we were able to see each other every couple weeks so that made it easier.  We spent the last week at Emerald Isle and it was nice to just be together making dinner again or just watching the waves crash on the beach.  I was glad that we weren’t trying to cram tons of things into the week it was more just about being together and doing whatever.  I was pretty good on the crying part and held out till the last night and I thank my husband for holding me while I cried and going and finding me tissues when the snot started running everywhere.  The next 7 months are going to be hard but thanks to number 3 on my Love It list I know I will be okay!  Today I am one day closer to him coming home and that is my attitude going forward.

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