My Life : You’re 2


Dear Will,

“Bear, Mommy, Daddy, Amen, Bed, Bubba!” Every morning after you wake up the words just come pouring out of your mouth. You are just so excited to talk, you’re like a word machine. Any word we throw at you at least gets an attempt. Sometimes you are spot on and sometimes you create a whole new pronunciation :). Sam and Sadie have become “Tham” and “CiCi”, Sofie is now “Fosi” but you keep trying!

Tomorrow you will be two and in some ways my heart breaks because you are getting so big and in other way’s it swells up twice it’s size because I’m so proud of you. I want this letter to you to document everything I will forget as you get older. You are growing up so fast and changing everyday, you are no longer my baby but my big boy.

You can’t live without your little camouflage rain boots, you wear them all the time. With shorts, over your footy pjs, on the wrong feet. As soon as your feet hit the ground in the morning you are searching for your boots. You share a big toy with Daddy and from the moment he walks through the door you start shouting “4 Wheeler” and dragging him to the garage for a ride. The ladies at church last night remarked on your obsession with Curious George which is a morning ritual along with a breakfast of bananas or as you like to call them “Nanos”. You are snuggled up with me right now on a chair in the living room as I type this watching “George” which you can say perfectly!

You love to play outside and cry at the door when it’s raining and I have to say no. We’ve reached that stage where everything is apparently yours and poor Rob frequently gets toys taken from him. I think this time next year you will be surprised to find your little brother fighting back and taking toys from you yelling “Mine”! We’ve also moved on to the tantrum stage, I have no idea where you learned to throw yourself down on the ground and cry but you’ve nailed the tantrum! I’d say you are pretty normal for 2. You are definitely my quiet calm child though. You are sweet and loving, funny and so smart. You can already say “My juice all gone” while handing me your cup. You can repeat your full name and we are working on being able to say “My name is Will and I’m 2”. Your favorite book is Little Blue Truck and Mommy and Daddy can pretty much recite it word for word. In fact you even know some of the words yourself and will say them when we flip to a page you recognize. You love the dump truck in the story and the dump truck voice Mommy uses.

I think Papaw might be your favorite person based on how often you say his name. The other day your melted Granny’s heart as you ran down the yard to her for a hug yelling “GrGr” which is your interpretation of her name.  You love to feed the dogs Cheerios from your plate or from the box if you can get to it!

Will you LOVE the boat!  We have you tethered in the cockpit and you like to get to the end of the tether and sit right at the edge.  You are already trying to work the lines and winches when we sail and you are a pro at steering.  You love to man the helm with Daddy.  You like to say bye bye to the other boats when we leave the marina.  You and Daddy took your first dinghy ride the other day to explore the shore of our favorite anchorage spot and I see that being the first of many fun exploration trips.

Little man your Dad and I cannot express to you how much you have changed us and changed our idea of the perfect life.  We are both so in love with you and your brother!  Even when we are apart from you guys we talk about you and look at your photos on our phones.  We miss you the second we leave you and even though we know it’s healthy to get away here and there we always wish you guys were with us.  I love you my little guy!



PS- Like any typical mom most photos of my kids are taken on my iphone.  They aren’t always edited and they don’t always have the best lighting but they capture the moment :).  I usually save the big camera for special occasions like a 2 year session that will be coming up soon ;).  So for now enjoy our family snapshots!


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