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So I’m adding a new category to the blog today and in it you will find random posts about my life!  I hope that along with my Love It! Hate It! posts it helps you get to know me a little bit better.  I’m also going to challenge myself to only post photos from my iphone in this category.  I want this to be about my real life and I don’t always have my big camera with me but I always have my iphone!

My first post here might seem totally random but it is life altering and I’m very passionate about it.  I’m talking about haircuts, but not just any haircut.  I’m talking about the haircut you get that transforms you.  This is more then a trim, it is the type of haircut that you walk in looking tired and bedraggled with no makeup on and you leave ready to hit the mall for a new outfit!  It is the makeover haircut!!

I am awful for getting haircuts, seriously I wait until its been 4 months and I literally can’t take it a second longer.  Of course this means my awesome stylist is booked and I’m begging for them to squeeze me in with someone, I don’t care who I’ll take the shampoo girl if need be.  When I get to this point I usually chop off about 4″ because it has hit the point where blow drying and products cannot help it.  It’s just long and blah.  To be really honest when it gets to that point it has a domino effect, I stop wearing makeup and I spend less time thinking about what to wear everyday.  I become a frumpy.  No one wants to be a frumpy and no one wants to be married to a frumpy.  When you work 10 feet from your bedroom the challenge becomes changing out of your pjs!  Slapping on makeup and a cute outfit become a huge stretch.  You don’t mean to become a frump but it happens.

glamour magazine 2006

This is the point when the makeover haircut saves you!  I tore out a page from Glamour magazine in 2006 (yes I’ve had the page for 5 years) and it shows a beautiful college girl that looks like a frump in her before pic.  Her quote is “I want to look less tired”, well that about sums up my feelings too.  Her before pic looks very familiar to me, long straight lifeless hair, bags under her eyes and a generic white t-shirt.  Yeah that is my uniform of the day when I hit frump stage.   In her after pic she is stunning, happy and glowing. I want to be her!!  Anytime I have a new stylist I take my dog-eared magazine page and say I want to look like her.  My stylist last week nailed it!!!  The cut is perfect and my natural highlights really shine.  She probably took off 3-4″ since my last haircut was before David came home in February.  I walked out feeling like a million bucks!!  When I walk past a mirror I check myself out, I want to wear makeup and dress in my cute clothes!  All because of the makeover haircut!  It has that much power and it literally can change your life.  That might sound dumb but watch any makeover on tv and see how great those people feel after taking a little bit of care of themselves.  The designer clothes might help too but I think a great haircut is all you need.  So when you start noticing that you are spending less and less time on yourself make an appt with your stylist and get your confidence back!  I feel cute and sexy again and I plan to rock it out!!  Join me!


 I snapped this pic on my iphone on the boat last week and realized that WOAH!!! my freckles are out in force this year!!  I learned to embrace them long ago which is good because it would take a lot of makeup to cover up all those puppies!!  I was once told that a face without freckles is like the night sky without stars!  I like that saying 🙂

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