Things I’m Learning about my 30’s

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Today is my birthday!  I’m turning 31 at 4:37pm.  I know I’m just barely into my 30’s but I’ve learned some important things since I got here.

1.  I cannot get by with no makeup unless I want to look tired :(.  Gone are the days of my 20’s when a little bit of a tan on my face was all the makeup I needed.

2.  Shopping for clothes in a department store is impossible because I’m too old to check out the junior section but too young for the women’s section.  Thank God for Ann Taylor Loft and JCrew, you will always be my second home!

3.  You start to get carded less or even worse you don’t get carded but your husband does!  Even more insulting is when the waitress pity cards you, because she carded everyone else and now it will just look weird if she doesn’t card you too.

4.  Your willpower to lose that last 10lbs was lacking in your 20’s but in your 30’s it becomes practically non existent.  I think it comes with giving up the dream of being a hot 20 year old anymore.

5.  Your younger husband loves to point out that you are closer to 40 then he is.  Oh wait is that just my husband?  As he pointed out today getting older beats the alternative, I told him that joke has gotten old after hearing it for the last 6 years.

Ok so that list was supposed to be funny, tongue in cheek humor.  If I have left you crying and dreading your 30’s then please keep reading because I’ll tell you a secret.  Honestly I’m happier in my 30’s then I was in my 20’s!  Seriously no lie!  I was totally that girl that wanted to just keep turning 29 but 29 sucked so bad I was ecstatic to turn 30.  Then I found out being 30 was awesome minus my list above.  Maybe I just set the bar so low for 30’s that there was no way it could be as awful as I expected ;).  Anyway here are the great things I’ve learned about being 30!

1.  Style!  I’ve finally found my style.  In my 20’s I tried out everyone elses style and tried to be cool which would work for a day or two but then I’d change again and I never felt together.  Now I’ve let go of what everyone else is wearing and am learning to put together things that I like.  I certainly don’t knock it out of the park every time but I feel comfortable in my own skin and finally have a style I’m happy with.  That style extends to my home too, I certainly look for tips since I’m not an interior designer but I know now what I like and don’t like.  I’m at a point where I love my house and now when we go furniture shopping I’m not walking around aimlessly.

2.  Confidence!  I feel like in my 20’s I was trying to be the hot girl and when I turned 30 and realized I would never be the hot 20 year old it was actually like having a weight lifted off my shoulders.  I realized I could be the funny, cute, sweet girl which actually comes across sexier then when I try to be sexy.  Seriously everytime I try to be sexy my husband laughs at me and tells me I’m sexy when I’m not trying.  My confidence in myself at this point is off the charts compared to my 20’s where I was trying to be someone else.

3.  Friendships!  I have made more friends in the last year then I ever did in my 20’s.  Instead of stressing about whether they would like me or not I accepted the fact that they might not but I’d never know unless I tried.  Being confident in myself and comfortable in my skin led to be more outgoing and as a result make more friends.  I’ve made so many great friends this year from local photographers to friends across the globe because I stopped being scared.

4.  Passion!  In my 20’s I worked to pay the bills but never really loved what I did.  In my 30’s I’m doing what I love and it has made me happier as a person.  I have this passion for photography that is like a thirst I can’t quench.  I love to learn more and more about it.  I’ve started to meet more and more people in their 30’s that are discovering their passions, I really think in your 30’s you have the confidence to pursue things you would never do in your 20’s.

5.  Faith!  I definitely feel that I’ve embraced my Christian faith finally.  I grew up going to church as a kid but when I got into my 20’s and could make my own decisions I stopped going.  Now I’ve come full circle where I want to go to church again, I want to put my path in life in God’s hands and pray to him to help me navigate the twists and turns.  I’m learning to let go of needless worry and trust in him.  I love that I’ve found so many Christian photographers that are open about their faith and work to encourage each other.  It really is a beautiful thing what faith can do for you!

It may sound cliche but I really feel like I’ve found myself in my 30’s!  If you are in your twenties and you’ve already figured out everything then awesome you are ahead of me, imagine how great your 30’s will be and what you can accomplish!  I’m looking forward to the rest of what my 30’s have to offer, I’m sure it will be a roller coaster but I’m ready to jump on board!!

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  • Melissa SalinasApril 27, 2011 - 9:54 am

    I love this!!

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