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Next up in my gear bag is the Canon 35 1.4L!  This is a new addition but I rented it first for my weddings in March to see if it would do what I wanted.  I planned the rental to cover the two weddings and an engagement session so I could make sure to give […]

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So I think it’s time to talk about gear!  I am a gear head but I’ve had to limit myself on what I purchase.  So I thought I’d take the next couple weeks to talk about my gear, what I use now, what I’ve used in the past and check out last weeks post to […]

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  • Hi thanks for this great post. You really demonstrate the capabilities of the Canon 50L lens. I just got this lens and havent had time to use it yet. Reading this post and seeing the images gives me great confidence in putting this lens to work. I am hoping that with practice I too can produce beautiful images! Thanks again for sharing.


Next week I’m going to roll out a new series talking about the gear I use for weddings and portraits!  I just finished a major gear overhaul so in that series I will cover what lenses I used in the past and what I’m using going forward and more importantly why.  I believe in most […]

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  • I agree with you 100%… use until you outgrow. I went SLOWLY in my upgrading… Currently, I have 50 1.2L, 100 2.8L Macro, and 24-70L. I really have NO OTHER lens needs right now.. since I am a portrait photographer more than a wedding photographer. It has taken me almost EIGHT years to have these 3 fantastic lenes.

I’ve been battling a bit of writers block and the blog has been neglected.  This is why it is good to have an editorial calendar for your blog so on those day’s you don’t know what to write about you have some ideas already.  Also write when inspiration strikes!  I’ve been holding off on this […]

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  • So lovely! :)

  • BEAUTIFUL branding! I’m still working on my branding, so this is all good advice. I don’t even know how many business cards I have in a box somewhere. Glad I didn’t get too much farther than that (on physical materials) … I’ve been looking for a good USB provider. A trusted one who works with the wood usb drives. Yours are gorgeous! May I ask who you use to produce these things?


  • Yes you do need to submit to Paperie – this is beautiful!!! :-)

I’m back this week to continue my series on branding and this week we are going to talk about your logo.  If your just tuning in feel free to catch up by reading the previous posts: Pinterest for Photographers Branding : Style Branding: Color So lets dig into logos, I’ll tell you about my logo […]

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