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Oh my I can’t believe it has been two months since my last Love It! Hate It! post.  I’m just gonna blame it on being lax during my first trimester and shipping the hubby off for six months!  Life is starting to settle down again thank God and I’m jumping back on the blogging bandwagon.  There will be lots of new stuff coming to the blog including some fabulous weddings, a gear review series and of course some updates on how the baby and I are doing!

Even though I haven’t written one of these posts in awhile I’ve thought about them and taken notes on my iphone whenever something comes to mind!

Love It!

1. SuperWoman Complex!  I can’t take credit for this term or the explanation, it comes from Sara at Running from the Law whose awesome headboard tutorial was the start to my new bed project!  I love this quote from that post, “I have a Super Woman complex and think I can do anything I set my mind to. (I blame my parents for always believing in me.  Sheesh.  They created this monster. Terrible parenting.)”.  Why do I love it?  Well because I too suffer from SuperWoman complex and my parents also always believed in me!  When I told my Dad I was building a bed from scratch did he say maybe you shouldn’t do that when your 3 months pregnant?  Nope he asked what kind of wood I was using!  No surprise there really considering most of my power tools are hand me downs from my Dad.  The mitre saw and jig saw are my own purchases though!  Make a note that yes most of the power tools in our house are MINE and not David’s.  Remember I’m SuperWoman 😉  Heck even when my Mom got phone calls from concerned family members over my bed making status updates on Facebook did she call and tell me to knock it off?  Nope she knew it was a futile effort!  Like any great SuperWoman though we do know what is completely beyond our limits and call in reinforcements when needed.  So thank you once again to one of my past grooms and neighbors Robby for bringing over a friend and carrying in the ridiculously heavy wardrobe for the nursery!  I did insist on taking the door off the hinges to get it into the room myself though because I….AM….SUPERWOMAN!!!

2. Video Chat!  Whether your preference is Skype, Google video chat or the new one we are trying out Tango it is awesome!!  Now with David bouncing back and forth between Italy and Africa we can video chat and actually see each other.  I love it!!  It is so nice to see him.  I remember two years ago he left in August and I got my first updated photo of him at Thanksgiving.  Now I can see him almost everyday if I want!  Technology is awesome!  I’m guessing there will be more video chats in our future with grandparents and great grandparents when the baby comes :).

3. New Gear!  I’m going to do a whole series coming up on what gear I use, what I sold and why so check back on Tuesdays in May for it to start!  How fun is it to get lots of packages of new and used gear and try it all out!  Love it!  Especially my new baby the 5d3, we are still getting to know each other but so far so good.  I’ve been testing out the ISO capabilities and I’m excited to see how it does!  Plus I just purchased a film camera to go with my Canon lenses and I’m SUPER EXCITED to try out color film!  So lots of new toys to keep me busy the next couple weeks I can’t wait!!!


Hate It!

1.  Verizon!  Ugh and I thought Comcast got on my bad side a couple years ago in this column, the top spot has now been taken by Verizon!  After getting a RIDICULOUS bill for the phone and internet at the office I called to drop everything but the internet.  Apparently in Verizon land that means lets cancel everything and shut down her account.  A week and at least 3 phone calls later and guess what?!?  I’m right back where I started with a ridiculous bill and having to try once again to get them to drop me to internet only and not shut down the entire thing again for a week.  Frustrated does not even begin to describe how I feel.  Why is this so hard?  Why does every person you talk to act like the last person what an idiot but they will take care of you?  Then the next time you call it starts all over again!  So I get to try again this week, pray for me please!

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