Love It! Hate It!: iPad & Cold Weather

Love It

Wow the holidays must be upon us because I didn’t even realize I had missed my last Love It! Hate It! post.  Things have been crazy for me and I’m sure things are crazy for all of you but since this is my favorite time of the year I’m happy!  Next week I will be doing a make-up blog post that will just feature things I love about the holiday season!

Love It!

1.  My iPad!!  Yes after writing about how much I wanted one I bit the bullet and got one.  When Oprah said that it was her favorite thing ever she wasn’t kidding!!!  Seriously this thing is awesome!!!  I was able to leave my laptop at home when I traveled to my in-laws for turkey day and just brought my iPad.  I was able to do everything I needed to with it and not even once missed my laptop.  Before my flight I had about an hour to kill so I pulled it out and was able to write David a moto mail letter to be delivered for Thanksgiving, check out Facebook and check my email.  Before I left for my flight I downloaded Dropbox so I dropped some pdf documents in it and then pulled them up while I was on the plane and read through them.  They were photography magazine pdfs so everything looked amazing and clear and I picked up some new tips.  I also plugged in my headphones and listened to music while I read my virtual magazines!  I did bring a paperback book for takeoff and landing but that is because I like to distract myself during those times.  Oh I even setup an account with Log Me In so I could remote into my home laptop in case I needed something off it.  For business I have a portfolio app installed and customized to match my website and it has been great sitting down with clients and reviewing things on the iPad.  I cannot express how nice it is to bring my iPad with me instead of dragging my laptop out.  I may even switch to a desktop next time I need a new computer, maybe I can afford a Mac then 🙂  Oh I can also write blog posts and update my website all from my iPad too!  Seriously the iPad is my favorite thing ever too!!!

2. Wicked Good LL Bean Slippers!  So I casually dropped the hint to my husband that slippers would be nice or a 50mm 1.2 lens 😉  A couple weeks later a nice box from LL Bean arrived and inside were the most comfortable slippers ever!!  I’m actually wearing them right now even though it is 2 o’clock in the afternoon!  I’m one of those people that wears flip flops around the house all winter long or fuzzy socks if it is cold but now I have awesome slippers to run out to get the mail in.  They are pretty fabulous and I agree with the description Wicked Good!!  If your stuck on a present for someone this year I highly recommend checking them out!  I have the moccasins version,   LL Bean Wicked Good.

3.  My Blogsite!  If you read my last post you will see that I’ve gone from 4 websites down to 1!!!  I used to have a site for my portrait work and then one for weddings plus a mobile site for weddings and last but not least my blog.  Trying to keep them all updated was a nightmare and I felt like it overwhelmed clients to try to figure out which site they needed to view.  I wanted to make things simple and easy so I decided one blogsite was the way to go!  After almost a week I can tell you that I LOVE it!!!  It feels so much easier to navigate and my clients don’t have to wonder which site to choose and the best part is that it is iphone and ipad friendly!!  Since I’m addicted to my iphone as I know many others are I wanted to make sure you could see my awesome work and not just a message saying you need to install Flash.  I still have some updates and galleries to add but I’m super happy with how things are working and I feel so free with only having to worry about one spot!!!

Hate It!

1. Cold without snow!  I think that if it is this cold outside we should have some snow otherwise what is the point!!!  I woke up the other morning hearing about snow everywhere but when I looked out my window there was nada : (  I’m not saying we need snowstorms like last year but a dusting would be nice, something that would be pretty to look at is all I’m asking.  Otherwise lets warm things up and cut down on the wind please.  It is what I refer to as bitter cold outside right now which is zero fun.  So Mother Nature how about a little snow to go with the cold weather!

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  • Isn’t the iPad awesome? I use it for everything, including showing my clients their wedding pictures. That thing does it all.

  • I agree. The ipad is the single best piece of technology I have ever purchased. I use it to show my portfolio and sample album layouts as well as at a wedding to give the bride a sneak peek of the days images. great blog posts with lots of info, I’m jealous I wish I could write as good and as well.

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