Love It! Hate It!: Doggy Events & Snakes

Love It

I apologize for being late this week, my head has been spinning with everything that I’m working on at the moment. I sat down this morning on our deck and wrote out 5 pages of things that have been running around my head. I have several projects in the works and a trip in another week or so! I looked at my Sept desk calendar and I only have 7 days that don’t have something scheduled, with 5 of those days still to come I’m betting I’ll find a way to fill them!

Love It!

1. Fall Weather! I am so excited to see cooler temperatures. It is getting to be sweater weather again and jackets! This girl loves jackets, some girls like shoes but I love jackets. I’m already planning a camping trip with some friends up on Skyline Drive. All the windows in the house are open and the breeze is so wonderful 🙂 I plan to spend the evening reading a nice book on the deck and enjoying the cooler air!

2. Doggy Events! This Saturday I will be a vendor at the local park service Drool in the Pool event at Curtis Park Pool in Stafford, Virginia. I think this event is so awesome! They let the dogs go swimming right before they drain the pool for winter. I’m going to try to get Sadie registered to go with me and let her swim with the other dogs. If you are going to be there make sure you stop by my booth and sign up for our giveaway! I’m also coordinating with the Stafford SPCA and Anthomanic flower shop in Stafford to do a fundraiser in October for the SPCA. We are thinking a Halloween themed crazy booth at the shop! So keep an eye on our Facebook page and the blog for more details. If your pet has a costume for Halloween then you can’t miss this event!!! If you are a doggy related vendor in the area and would like to participate please use the contact link below.

3. Anticipation! My next Love It! section will probably include the MJ 2 Day I’m attending and visiting my grandparents. I’m so excited to attend the workshop and make new friends. I’ve attended several workshops over the years but this is the one that I know will be the best. I get to meet and learn from the first wedding photographer I found online and who has mentored me and so many other new photographers through her blog. The anticipation is high for this trip and I love it! Ok that was dorky but I’m feeling pretty dorky with my excitement at this point 🙂 After the workshop I will be driving to spend a few days with each of my grandparents on my way back home. I haven’t seen them since my wedding two years ago and I’m really really happy that I can visit with them all. I plan to accomplish number 6 on my 101 in 1001 list also which is to photograph my grandparents.  I am so lucky to have this chance to visit all 4 of my grandparents and photograph them.  I will definitely be sharing those photos when I get back!

Hate It!

This one is so traumatic that it should actually be 1, 2 and 3 combined!

1. Snakes! Ok so that deserves a million exclamation points to get across how much I do not like snakes. If you are a snake fan, I’m sorry I don’t share your love. They freak me out with their slithering, I can’t stand to even see them on tv. The giant snake in Harry Potter had me almost climbing over my seat and hiding behind it! My parents tried to get me over my fear as a kid by having me touch a snake at a petting zoo thing and I’m still traumatized. I have been known to shriek at the top of my lungs at the sight of a snake and cry. So why this week am I sharing my fear of snakes… adorable kitten Chloe decided to bring me one. ALIVE AND INTO MY HOUSE!!!!! Yes I shouted that, just as I shouted into my phone to my poor sister while this incident was occurring. I tried calling my Daddy for help first but he didn’t answer 🙁 So after a tense 10 minutes in which I learned that snakes can play dead under water for a few minutes I was able to trap it successfully in the dogs water bowl and run across the street to get my neighbor to dispose of the snake. For the snake lovers out there it was a baby black snake and no we did not kill it, I told my neighbor I just did not want it in my house anymore. So it was released into the woods where it can grow big and strong and take care of any mice we get this winter. I’m now even more traumatized then I was as a kid.

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  • HeatherSeptember 15, 2010 - 12:55 pm

    Melissa – I am a fellow VA photog (in Alexandria) and I also went to the MJ2 Day!!! I went to the one in April that she had in Phoenix. It was great!! Hope that you enjoy it East Coast style 🙂

  • melissaSeptember 15, 2010 - 12:58 pm

    Hi Heather! I will have to check out your site! I’m so excited to meet Melissa and the rest of the girls I think it will be amazing 🙂 We can trade notes when I get back!

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