Love It! Hate It! Doggy Prozac


I’m back with this weeks installment of ravings and rantings!

Love It!

1. New Clothes!  I’m not gonna lie, waking up in the morning and putting on a new outfit totally brightens my day!  It completely changes my outlook, I feel like I look like a million bucks and I get super happy.  Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be an entire new outfit, it can be just one piece like a new pair of jeans or a fun top.  It also doesn’t have to be super expensive, I’ll admit that I pick stuff up from Target all the time.  Most recently it was this cute navy and cream striped tank top with a little ruffly on the strap.  Loved it!!  I paired it with jeans, sandals and a cute navy sweater and was ready to head out on the boat!  There is something about the magic of new clothes that makes me happy every time!!

2. Train rides!  Last week I rode the train down to South Carolina for David’s first race of the season.  I prefer to take the train over driving because suddenly I have 5 hours of time to devote to something without distraction.  It could be editing or blogging or just surfing the net.  This time I sat down and worked on my writing skills with Brand Camp’s Circus Circus and then started on my business plan with Happy Place.  I knew I needed a good solid block of time to work on these things so this was the perfect opportunity!  Even more awesome was that I was able to watch the Jasmine Star online business course hosted by Creative Live.  It was business overload but I loved it, it gave me a lot of food for thought for the future of my business.  Sometimes you get so caught up in running your day to day business that you forget to sit down and think about the future and how you can grow.  If you need to get away from distractions and concentrate on an area of your business you just can’t seem to get to then I say take the next train ride you can find and then when you get where your going have a nice weekend vacation!  I prefer to commandeer a table in the lounge car and spread out my iPad and a notebook and get to work!

3.  Park Assist!  Okay so I don’t have a car that does this and I haven’t been in a car that has it either but I love the idea of it!  I saw a commercial today for a Ford Escape and it has park assist, suddenly I wanted an Escape just for it.  David asked me why of course and how often would I use it.  I pointed out that I could use it in Downtown Fred a lot.  See I’m not the best parallel parker in the world, I can do it but it takes me like 4 tries and I get flustered and sometimes end up giving up and just driving 6 blocks away to find a space I can just pull into.  If I’m in the truck it is pretty much guaranteed that I won’t even bother and will walk a mile if needed.  In the mustang I’ll give it a shot and the last 3 times I parallel parked I nailed on the first or second try!!!  Wahoo, go me!!!  The flip side of that is in the very recent past I rolled into someone trying to parallel park, I drive a stick so sometimes you roll.  No damage but I’m pretty sure the guy who owned the van wasn’t too happy with me.  He saw it happen too 🙁  So park assist sounds like it could be my new favorite things, I’m so curious to see and understand how it works.  Who knows maybe it can teach me how to parallel park on the first try!!


Hate It!

1. My dog is crazy!  So back in January my sweet girl Maxie started having separation anxiety issues.  She started literally tearing our house to pieces, I can’t even count at this point how many times I’ve replaced the window trim.  It has stressed me out on so many levels, I’m scared she is going to hurt or kill herself, I’m worried about the damage she keeps doing to my house, I have been literally afraid to leave her alone.  I’ve consulted the vet and a doggy therapist and have been working on the steps to help her but things have been so crazy lately that nothing has changed.  I hate that I feel so helpless and can’t explain to her that everything is okay.  David and I videotaped her one day when we had to leave and she just gets into everything in a slow methodical process.  You can see that she is upset we are gone and she just can’t soothe herself.  I hated putting her on meds but not doing it is hurting her more.  So we have switched to a new medication this week that will hopefully allow her to relax when we leave.  We are continuing to work with getting her comfortable again with us leaving and coming back and we are reintroducing both girls to crate training.  I don’t love having two giant dog crates in my bedroom but I love the idea of her hurting herself even less.  We are leaving the door off for awhile to let her get used to it and so far she seems okay with it so I hope this can create a stress free environment for her where she feels safe when we are not home.  I hate the whole situation though, I love her so much and I hate seeing her so upset.  I think my stress level has been off the charts trying to deal with all of this.  Let’s just hope doggy prozac will help.

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