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summer stevenson ridge wedding

Summer Stevenson Ridge Wedding

She tried to fasten the clasp but her eyes were full of tears and she couldn’t get it quite closed.  Ally had just explained to the significance of the bracelet her mom was helping her put on and her mom was overwhelmed with emotion.  The bracelet simply said Love Always but the lettering was matched to the handwriting of Ally’s grandparents.  In fact she thought the company that created the piece might have messed up the A till she compared it to a letter written by her grandfather and it matched exactly!  What an amazing way to carry your grandparents with you on your wedding day and every time she wears it she will think of them and the day she married the man of her dreams!

Ally and Vitaly met in high school!  I love hearing about couples that met so young and have grown together into wonderful adults.  It is such a testament to their bond that they have been together so long and I think it has set a great foundation for them to build their marriage on.  Besides their own experiences together they have a wealth of marital knowledge in their families.  The anniversary dance was packed right up till the very end, I believe there were at least 10 couples who had been married over 35 years!  That is amazing and gives Ally and Vitaly plenty of options to go to if they ever need advice.

Weddings are full of traditions, the giving and receiving of rings, a father walking his daughter down the aisle, a first kiss as husband and wife.  Ally managed to carry something old and new in her bracelet and at the reception Vitaly’s parents honored their own family tradition.  As they entered the reception and were announced they stepped onto a beautiful cloth woven with bright thread and each color represented something for the couple’s future.  I wish I remembered all the details but my memory is a bit hazy.  I did think it was wonderful of them to include that in their wedding!

We joked on the wedding day that Ally and Vitaly had an all star wedding vendor cast to create the perfect day for them!  The ceremony was at Stevenson Ridge and Amanda from Anthomanic created the most STUNNING floral backdrop on the pergola for Ally and Vitaly to say their vows in front of!  Every pergola should be draped in flowers and curtains!  Not to mention the bouquet which could not have been more beautiful.  After the ceremony the party got started by Richard Green Entertainment at the Inn at the Old Silk Mill.  Catering by the always fabulous Caroline Street Catering, I wish I could have gotten their chicken recipe!

Ally and Vitaly I hope your wedding day was full of everything you could have hoped and dreamed for!  As you celebrate your anniversaries over the years take time to look back through your wedding photos and remember the love you have for each other.  May it only grow stronger with each passing year!

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To see more of  Vitaly & Ally’s wedding at Stevenson Ridge in Spotsylvania, Virginia, check out the slideshow below! (Click here if you don’t see the slideshow below)

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The following wedding vendors contributed to Vitaly & Ally’s wedding:

Ceremony Location: Stevenson Ridge
Reception Venue: The Inn at the Old Silk Mill
Photography: Melissa Arlena Photography
Florist: Anthomanic
Catering: Caroline Street Catering
DJ: Richard Green Entertainment

Melissa Arlena Photography is an award winning wedding, newborn, maternity, anniversary, engagement, lifestyle and family photographer in Fredericksburg, Virginia and surrounding areas. Ready to book your session?  Contact me now for more information!

  • WOW Melissa! You did an amazing job shooting their wedding! Gorgeous! All the details were captured beautifully too :)

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