Kacey & Chris | Elegant Fall Wedding at The Inn at Willow Grove


Kacey and Chris were troopers at their elegant fall wedding at The Inn at Willow Grove!  Every bride worries about rain and sometimes you get a little shower that passes by at the wrong moment but on this day it POURED massive amounts of rain all day long.  Kacey took it all in stride though and looked like a picture perfect calm bride even while mother nature raged on outside.  Maybe she knew that she had picked the perfect venue to weather out a wedding day storm.  Not every venue has a great back up plan and typically if they do it is just for the ceremony space.  The Inn at Willow Grove is different, they have so many beautiful covered spaces that you can shoot everything without getting wet!  This can be especially important when shooting large bridal parties and family formals.  So even though the rain stopped us from getting out onto the beautiful lawn and into the gardens we were able to make great use of the Inn’s porches and create beautiful photos for Kacey and Chris!

They were inspired by the look and feel of the old Southern plantation house so Kacey brought in rented vintage furniture to dress up her cocktail hour space which I think is always a great idea!  Providing fun comfortable seating is a big win for your guests and adds a nice touch to your photos.  Kacey and Chris also hired Eric Herod as their DJ and Entertainment Director!  Eric put together one of his famous Love Story productions for them to share with friends and family.  There was a lot of laughter and a few tears of joy and happiness from the couple and their gathered guests.

The rain did give us a small break after sunset and I took those 3 minutes to run up to the overlook with Kacey and Chris for a few outdoor portraits of them.  I kid you not it was soooooo dark!  Thank you Canon for the low light capabilities of my camera!!!!

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To see more of  Kacey & Chris’s elegant fall wedding at The Inn at Willow Grove in Orange, Virginia, check out the slideshow below! (Click here if you don’t see the slideshow below)

The following wedding vendors contributed to Kacey & Chris’s The Inn at Willow Grove wedding:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Inn at Willow Grove
Photography: Melissa Arlena Photography
Florist: LynnVale Florist
Cake & Catering: The Inn at Willow Grove
DJ: Eric Herod

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