Caitlin & TJ : Married | Sparkly Fall Stevenson Ridge Wedding


Guys I owe you a huge apology…… I have been holding out on you a FABULOUS sparkly fall Stevenson Ridge wedding I did back in October 2013.  Yes you read that right 2013 :(.  Don’t worry Caitlin and TJ got their images about 4 weeks after to wedding so I didn’t hold out on them.  So the reason for the hold out was that I was going to re-do my website and I was saving their wedding for the re-launch.  Oh and then I had a baby and my website re-design took a back burner.  By the time I finally got the site refreshed last year I thought I had already blogged their wedding, whoops!!!

But I’m sharing it now and you are going to be blown away by how fabulous it was!  Caitlin and her Mom are amazing and created a beautiful and elegant style to the day.  Caitlin even managed to include leopard print (her favorite) into the scheme.  Yes you read that right, leopard print!  I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure if you could make leopard print wedding pretty but Caitlin totally NAILED it!  It was subtle and elegant but gave a fun pop to her reception tables that screamed Caitlin all the way.  Her ruffled wedding cake was love at first sight for me, one of the best I’ve seen Kristin from Fat Girl Cakes make!  Plus with florals by Amanda Veronee it was perfection all around!

Caitlin is such a warm soul, the kid of person you meet and want to instantly be friends with.  Her bubble personality makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  TJ is one of those guys that is a bit rough around the edges, a man’s man but when it comes to Caitlin he is loving and sweet just like women like their man to be ;).  I feel like it’s a Southern gentleman trait, they open car doors, call you ma’am, bring you flowers, write you songs and are right at home in a bar fight.

Caitlin and TJ picked Stevenson Ridge for their festivities and it was the perfect backdrop!  Ironically even though it was October we had a heat wave that weekend and it was about 85-90 degrees.  I remember being worried about Caitlin being too hot in her gorgeous dress but she was a trooper and looked beautiful all day long!  I’m going to let you look through the photos now and check out the captions for some of my favorite memories from the day!

Caitlin and TJ I’m so sorry I am just now blogging this, I was being totally selfish saving it for my relaunch and then baby brain took over apparently.  You guys are adorable and I hope to get you in front of my camera again soon!  I wish you all the happiness in the world for a long and loving marriage, you guys are amazing and I love keeping up with you on Facebook!

caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-109 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-111 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-114 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-139 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-180 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-153 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-143 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-158 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-148 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-225 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-230 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-233 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-162-Edit


So originally I had this shot planned for the guys but the girls did it on their own so the guys lost out ;)!

caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-266 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-311 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-329 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-410 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-569 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-339 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-430 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-549 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-554


I love photos of the brides right before they walk down the aisle, the excitement and anticipation with the added fear of oh my god I’m about to get married!

caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-457 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-487 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-491 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-496 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-495 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-509 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-511 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-512 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-528 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-533


This bridal party was AWESOME, so much fun and willing to do whatever I asked!

caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-594 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-624 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-631 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-636 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-626 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-628 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-643 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-657 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-1039 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-364


What did I tell you leopard print, elegant and subtle, who knew!

caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-359 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-1050 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-405 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-413 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-394 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-371 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-346 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-1046 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-1040 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-1036 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-1038 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-1043 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-1035 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-1042 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-738 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-769 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-818


Ok this had to be one of the funniest Father of the Bride speeches I’ve ever heard! I probably am not going to get this story 100% right but apparently Caitlin’s dad’s credit card was stolen while wedding planning was going on and he was actually relieved because the their spent less then his wife and daughter did! Hence the mother-daughter high five! LOL! Best story ever!

caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-837 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-852 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-862


I love Caitlin’s reaction to the moment TJ surprised her by getting up with his band and singing a song dedicated to her!

caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-873 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-890 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-982 caitlin-tj-elegant-fall-stevenson-ridge-wedding-1032

To see more of Caitlin & TJ’s sparkly fall wedding at Stevenson Ridge in Fredericksburg, Virginia check out the slideshow below! (Click here if you don’t see the slideshow below)

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The following wedding vendors contributed to Caitlin & TJ’s Stevenson Ridge wedding:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Stevenson Ridge

Photography: Melissa Arlena Photography

Florist: Amanda Veronee Florals

DJ: Eric Herod

Hair & Makeup: GoGo Gorgeous

Catering: Caroline Street Catering

Cake: Fat Girl Cakes

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