Amber & Bryan | Meadow Event Park Wedding

Fall Meadow Event Park Wedding in Virginia, home of Secretariat by Melissa Arlena Photography


Meadow Event Park Wedding

I’ve photographed a lot of weddings over the years and heard a lot of love stories but what stands out to me the most in Bryan & Amber’s love story is how much their friends are a part of it. They are true believers in the love that Amber & Bryan share and they were just as excited as the happy couple for this day to arrive. This day that took place on the 9 year anniversary of their first date. I love that after graduating high school they stayed together and supported each others dreams, Amber pursuing a nursing career and Bryan becoming a firefighter. They took their time to grow together as a couple and as individuals before finally becoming husband and wife.

It was a gorgeous day at Meadow Event Park the home of the famous Secretariat winner of the Triple Crown. The hall was bustling with friends and family putting the final touches on the decorations. Everyone had a Bryan and Amber story to share and couldn’t contain their happiness that this day was finally here.

My favorite story came from Amber herself, it was their first date at Kings Dominion (which ironically is right down the road from where they got married!). “Our friends tried to set us up for our first kiss on the Eiffel tower, but I didn’t want our first kiss to be staged. So Bryan, instead of trying to sneak/steal a kiss, he simply pulled me close and kissed me on the forehead and said I was worth the wait! Melted my heart!”. What I love most about this story is that I have so many photos of Bryan kissing Amber on the forehead of his own accord and I love that it is something he has been doing since their first date.

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The bouquets by Black Creek Flowers were stunning! My favorite part was the ribbons hanging off and blowing in the breeze! amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-315 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-317 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-323 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-316 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-343 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-344 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-354 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-365 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-223 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-228 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-518 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-526 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-533 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-558 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-565 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-569 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-572 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-372 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-385 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-391 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-434 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-595 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-203 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-227 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-204 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-210 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-479 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-657 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-784 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-754 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-764 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-817 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-811 amber-brian-meadow-event-park-wedding-813

The following wedding vendors contributed to Bryan & Amber’s Meadow Event Park wedding:

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Meadow Event Park

Photography: Melissa Arlena Photography

Florist: Black Creek Flowers

DJ: Black Tie Entertainment

Dress : Ava Laurenne

Hair & Makeup: Pizzaz Hair Salon

Catering: Mission BBQ

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