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Hello and Welcome! I’m so excited that you are here! I hope you are prepared to sit back and enjoy some amazing weddings and engagement sessions. I still pinch myself that this is my job, to watch couples in love sharing that special moment between them and God with friends and family! I love to document the sweet moments and soft kisses mixed in with lots of laughter, the perfect recipe to a long happy marriage!  I believe in developing lasting relationships with my clients.  I aim to create a unique experience that will surpass your expectations through extra touches and fun surprises!  Please check out the client reviews and press pages to see what real brides and editors think!

Now for a little bit about me! I’m a Marine wife and a new mom!  Just as David & I started getting adjusted to life with a new baby and actually sleeping through the night we found out we are pregnant with #2!  No not an accident, we wanted them close in age and I wanted to deliver in the wedding off season :).  So here we are anxiously awaiting what will be a wonderful Christmas present.  Our son Will just turned a year old and to say we are in love with him feels like an understatement, we are totally those parents!  In addition to our human babies we have 3 fur babies, Sadie, Sam and Chloe.  It’s because of them that I love photographing pets too!  Sam would be the newest addition, he’s only 2 weeks younger than Will.  Yes we got a puppy after having a new baby, maybe we are insane?!?!?!?  It can be chaotic at times but I keep my fingers crossed everyone settles down in a couple years and it will be smooth sailing.  Don’t burst my bubble, I’m allowed to have have crazy delusional fantasies every once in awhile ;)!

When I’m not behind my camera or my computer I’m a DIY HGTV addict!  I typically am running around with dried paint somewhere on my body or in my hair.  I love home decor and tackling diy projects around the house.  I have a list a mile long of redecorating I plan to do in our new home, just have to find the time and get over my fear of picking the wrong paint color!

On Saturdays when I don’t have a wedding you can find us all out on our sailboat relaxing on the Potomac River.  We just renamed the boat Ruff Life since we love to bring the dogs with us on our sails!  Forget go for a walk, our dogs know go to the boat!  Check out the blog and learn more behind the scenes about my life and my work!

Photography has always been a passion of mine and sometimes I miss the magic of watching a print come to life in the darkroom. I have been so blessed by God in being able to pursue my dream of being a photographer. He is guiding me along my path in life and helping me find my way. I’m lucky to have an amazing husband who supports me and is always there to bounce ideas off of. I love having him by my side in this and sharing in the joy of my dream! Documenting weddings has become such a passion that I never expected. Watching two people commit to each other in front of friends, family and God makes my job the most amazing thing!

What can I say besides… I love love!

Please review the details page and then contact me today to tell me all about your wedding!!

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