Katie & Cliff | Fairfax Virginia Engagement

fairfax virginia engagement session

Two secrets I will share about Katie and Cliff’s Fairfax Virginia engagement session, the first is that my camera did not like Cliff’s shirt.  It was so weird but something about the checkered pattern did not agree and when I was first editing the photos his shirt turned blue with crazy purple splotches! I freaked out for a minute and then tried to remember what color his shirt looked like in person. A few clicks later in Lightroom and all was fixed and since I didn’t get an email saying “hey Melissa what gives I wore a blue shirt” I think I’m in the clear!  I believe the technical answer has something to do with Chromatic Aberration and if you are the type of person who likes to look that stuff up then go for it ;).

Secret number 2 is that I coveted Katie’s boots so much I tracked them down and bought a pair for myself.  Which leads me to a bonus 3rd secret, if you are wearing something to your session with me that is super cute I will probably ask where you got it and go buy it for myself!  Shoes seem to be my weakness, I bought gold Sperry’s for myself after Paige wore them for her engagement session. So I ask that my clients keep wearing cute shoes and clothes and sharing where they purchased them so I can try to keep up with what’s in style! My wardrobe thanks you for it!

I loved this engagement session and I loved it even more when I sent it over to Katie and got this as her reply “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! love them!!!!!!!!!!!!”.  We met up at Pohick Bay Park in Fairfax County for their session this past fall. I’m pretty sure everyone loves fall in Virginia so I will spare you the beautiful leaves and fabulous temperatures comments especially since I saw snow showers outside my window earlier today. I will tell you that Katie and Cliff are freaking adorable and totally stylish, hence me stealing Katie’s boots.  I’m pretty sure I asked about her jewelry too.  I loved Cliff’s bow tie and jacket, I can’t wait to see what he has picked out for his wedding attire in April.  They were perfect models, following simple directions and looking cute and in love just like I like my couples!

Check out their adorable photos below and you might see I’ve already updated my website with some of my favorites!

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