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    Summer Stevenson Ridge Wedding She tried to fasten the clasp but her eyes were full of tears and she couldn’t get it quite closed.  Ally had just explained to the significance of the bracelet her mom was helping her put on and her mom was overwhelmed with emotion.  The bracelet simply said Love […]

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  • WOW Melissa! You did an amazing job shooting their wedding! Gorgeous! All the details were captured beautifully too :)

There are some moments during a wedding that I find myself putting down the camera for just a minute and reminding myself to be in the moment with my couples.  Not observing through the lens but with my own eyes.  At Jenn and Scott’s Chestnut Hill Bed and Breakfast wedding that moment was during their […]

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Have you ever noticed in romantic movies that the guy looks at the girl like she is the only person in the world? It’s like every feeling he has for her just pours out of him through just a look. A great example is how Noah looks at Allie in The Notebook. Women watching this […]

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  • This bride is an absolute doll! Beautiful work!

  • Such a pretty wedding! SO romantic!

  • what a gorgeous wedding & i love that she had her own ruby slippers!!

  • that shot of them kissing in the field is divine!

  • What a beautiful wedding! My favorite photos are of the bride with her hands touching in front of her dress, and of her hugging the groom from behind and looking down!

  • I absolutely love that very first shot of them in the field! So beautiful!

  • Such a beautiful couple and gorgeous photos! May they always look at each other like they are the only two in the world. <3

  • Gorgeous Images!

A beautiful The Inn at Willow Grove Wedding! “Thank you SO much for our package of goodies! I can’t tell you how much Adam and I needed it RIGHT at the moment we got it. Hope you’re doing well and can’t wait to share our special day with you.” – Cate That post from Cate […]

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  • These are beautiful!!!!

  • gorgeous from start to finish!

  • What a sweet wedding, and lovely photos!!!

  • These are so soft, sweet and timeless!

  • Beautiful wedding! Looked like fun! :)

  • Melissa,
    The photos are really lovely.
    Great job capturing Cate and Adams beautiful, perfect day.

7Who knew that a blind date would lead a Texas boy to a Virginia girl with a country heart and eventually a Marine Corp Museum & Stevenson Ridge wedding?!  If you didn’t know any better you would swear Samantha was born and raised in Texas so it is no wonder Caleb clicked with her right […]

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