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Fredericksburg Va Pet Photographer As we loaded up the car I just kept telling myself if he is still there it is meant to be and if he isn’t then it’s not. It had been about 15 min since I had called the animal shelter after seeing their Facebook post about a German Shepard mix […]

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Meet my new nephew and Sadie and Maxie’s new cousin Duke!  My poor parents are going to have to wait awhile for grandchildren but they have plenty of granddogs!  When my sister Michelle told me she was getting a dog I was super excited for her, I love puppies and they are even better when […]

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Meet Molly, Princess and Charlie!  Their gorgeous mommy Alison contacted me for a pet session and I was happy to meet some new puppies! Any dog lover knows that every dog has their own quirks and personality traits! Molly was the typical puppy with tons of energy but once tired out she collapsed into a […]

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  • Hannah

    Awww precious!!!!

Meet Kimbo the other winner from the Stafford County Drool in the Pool event!!  Kimbo and I were buddies as soon as we met, I had treats and he could smell them!  I love dogs like Kimbo that are just so happy and excited to meet everyone.  I met Kimbo and his owner Matt at […]

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Meet Hayden one of the winners from the Stafford County Drool in the Pool event!  From the moment I arrived I fell in love with Hayden, he is so cheerful and happy!  It was so funny to watch him jump straight up in the air like 5 feet.  I was amazed how high he could […]

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  • Amazing light indeed! Love these images Melissa!

  • evelyn

    Oh my goodness, these are sooooooo goood! thank you thank you thank you!!!! I love them. And the slide show is so cute, that happens to be one of my favorite songs, how perfect!

  • Mindy

    What sweet photos.

  • Evelyn! These turned out so cute!!! :0) love the last one :0)

  • Sara

    I don’t know how you got him to sit still! I love the clarity in these pictures. They’re amazing.

  • Robin

    These are so good! I love the ones of all of them together on the slideshow. You can see the love in all three for each other.

  • evelyn

    hayden and i just watched the slideshow together again….we love it:)

  • This is the first time I’ve seen the pup. Darn cute

  • These are fabulous.. what a great job! AND, I love Evelyn!

  • Sarah

    These pics are fantastic! Love the close-ups! :)

  • Nathan

    I was so surprised with how good Hayden was. They turned out great Melissa Thank you.

  • Ashley

    These pictures are amazing! Such an adorable pup!!

  • Ryan

    I love love love this dog. You did a great job capturing his energy.

  • Nate

    Such a good looking dog!

  • helen

    I LOVE THESE PICS OF HAYDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mrs.w

    what beautiful pics of hayden and his wonderful owners :)

  • Betsy Thomas

    What a pretty puppy :-). He’s got it all– lots of energy, good looks, and two parents that adore him!

  • jimmy

    he sure is rotten, and is smart enough to get his way, and that’s true. but we love him.

  • Jonathan

    He’s cute, I guess– that is, if you can get over his ADHD.

  • It has been so much fun seeing how many people love Hayden! I’m so glad I got the chance to play with him a little and get some beautiful images of him! I love being the 20th comment so a Fine Art print credit has been added to your cart guys!

  • Wow… love it!