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Back in September I attended the MJ2Day workshop put on by Melissa Jill.  I posted about how I love the friendships that come out of workshops and with this workshop I had an awesome roomie Claire!  She took a chance and said she would room with me even though we knew nothing about each other […]

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The second day of the MJ2Day we covered business information which is what I needed to hear the most.  My business has really grown by leaps and bounds since I went full time this summer and I wanted to figure out how to manage everything and make it easier on me and my brides.  I […]

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  • natural instincts, “lightest golden brown” baby!!
    gotta love color out of a box. ;)

    keep up the good work on frequent blogging – love reading your posts! :)

  • Pam

    It was great meeting you at the MJ2Day Workshop. Could not agree with you more in what you have written here.
    I’ve put you in My Favorites and intend to follow your photography career.
    Keep up the great work.

  • It was so great to meet everyone. I had learned so much from the workshop, but even more from all the women that attended. I can’t wait to see how our businesses all grow.

    I look forward to meeting you for lunch in the near future.

    Keep blogging, I am really enjoying your posts as well.

    And yes we are soul sisters. Never going back to Corporate.

I have stalked her blog for over two years now, basically since I started planning my wedding and somehow in my searches found her.  I immediately was drawn to how open she was with her knowledge and she truly became an inspiration for me over the last two years.  Who is she you ask, she […]

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So while I love having two separate sites to showcase my portrait work versus my wedding work keeping up with two blogs is pretty much impossible for me.  One always suffers.  I think that if you read my blog and enjoy my work you want to see all of it in once place so I’m […]

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 So after jotting down goals here and there I finally sat down and combined them all onto my list.  Then I realized I was short about 40 something goals.  So I stretched my brain some more and came up with another 20.  Then I ran out of ideas…..101 is a lot!  So I asked the […]

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  • Ashley

    This list is fantastic and inspires me to create my own! I would LOVE to help out with/participate in many of the above goals…they all sound intriguing. And I’ll be honest…I especially like number thirty :) Is it odd that I feel honored to have made your list?? Haha.

  • Yay! I’m excited to see your list when you get it up. Make sure you come back here and link it. I’ll message you guys on facebook about number 30 again. The first weekend in Feb just freed up for me, but I think we should do a safari every season!

  • Just happened by your website after your Holga purchase today.
    Looks liked I helped you out with item 21 on your list.
    Think about doing some Holga weddings. Quite a few of my customers
    are doing this with great results.


  • That looks like a good list Melissa! I still haven’t even started writing down my goals yet, but need to soon. I would go on photo walks with you if I didn’t live half way across the country! ;)

  • Thank Laura, it was tougher then I expected. I figured I had all kinds of things running around in my head that surely I could fill the list easily but that wasn’t the case. Happily I’m putting the finishing touches on several of my goals so I plan to get those updates posted soon!