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Welcome back to Part II of my series on ShootQ!  Don’t forget to check out Part I and learn a little bit about branding your client areas and how I use some of the settings under Client Access & Correspondence.  Today we are going to talk about the Business and Finances settings! Business and Finances […]

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At the beginning of the year I participated in several bridal shows and found myself overwhelmed with inquiries from brides.  I was relying solely on my email account to help me keep up and that plan failed miserably.  There were so many brides that I was not able to follow up with and I know […]

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I’m a Canon girl, let’s just get that out of the way!  My first film SLR was a Canon so I have brand loyalty.  Ironically my film camera right now is a Nikon!  Whichever brand you choose is up to you and I’m not getting anywhere near the Canon vs Nikon debate ;) So here […]

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  • Shelly

    This is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for letting us take a peek into your bag (which is adorable by the way)! For those of us just starting out and mostly doing family portraits/engagments which lens would you recommend the most!! Thanks again!

  • I recommend the 50mm lens, you can get a 1.8 for around $100 I think and see if you like that length. A lot of people love the 85 1.8 but I just never found myself using it. My 50mm 1.2 is my FAVORITE lens ever!!! :)

Whoever said that January-March was the slow season for a wedding photographer was wrong!!!  I was worried that I’d be sitting around my office twiddling my thumbs while I count down the days for my husband to come home but I’ve barely had time to do that.  Instead it has been a whirlwind of meetings, […]

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  • How do I steal some of these pics to post an album for our Anthomanic FB? These would be cool in their own album!

  • Awesome booth Melissa! Great job! Now I see why you wanted that non-tapering ladder! ;)

  • Thank Laura! Yep, it does taper slightly but it is close enough :)

    Amanda I’ll put a folder up on Facebook with the pics and you can grab them from there :)

I love pretty packaging! When I deliver a clients photos I want them to ooh and ahh over the bag, the boxes and then the products!   Tiffany is known for their Tiffany blue boxes with the white bow, every girl knows this!   We will pretty much love whatever is in the box because it is […]

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  • I’ve looked at this post about 10 times today to go through all the links you’ve supplied! Thanks so much for sharing!! :) You’re packaging looks beautiful!

  • I just saw this in my stats – *gorgeous*! You have to submit these on Paperie! Pretty please!

  • I’d love to!!! Thanks! I’ll head over there now :)