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So I’ve made it to the halfway point, I’m 20 weeks now!  Woohoo!!  The pic above is last weeks pic, sorry I skipped hair and makeup today so a new photo will have to wait. David and I have settled on an in-utero name after many rejects.  Rejected names included the bean, peanut and Roscoe. […]

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I think for the next 6 months the My Life posts will be baby centered!  It gives me a way to keep clients, friends and of course family updated on my pregnancy twice a month but this way I won’t overwhelm everyone else with baby stuff :). I’m 18 weeks along now and everything has […]

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  • Kelli

    You look amazing!! Sooo Happy! BABY!!

    Can’t wait to see more, love you and miss you!

I’m sitting in a hotel room at Camp LeJune writing blog posts, editing photos  and trying to ignore the fact that I say goodbye to my husband for six months in just a couple days.  I’m trying not to cry because he should be walking through the door to take me to lunch at any […]

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  • Melissa!!!! This is so so so so exciting!! AHHH! The biggest fist pump in the world for you, the hubs and Jesus. God is SO good!

  • I knew it! As soon as I saw you were announcing something big this week, I thought baby right away! CONGRATS, Melissa! So exciting!!

  • Samantha

    I’m so happy for you Melissa!!!! Best of luck for a happy and healthy pregnancy :)

    –Sam Squared

  • Jamie Blow

    Congratulations Melissa! This is such an exciting time in life and I’m happy God has blessed you with this precious gift!

  • Awww congrats Melissa!! Hope your pregnancy goes smoothly :)

  • Whoo Hoooo – so exciting. YAY – I am so, so happy for you. :)

  • yaaaaaay! :D so, so happy for you guys!!!

  • […] I read her post this morning when she published it on her blog and couldn’t help to get a little teary-eyed.  You see, her husband is deploying at the end […]

  • Congratulations! Lots of great, great times coming your way :) Beautiful job Charlotte!

It’s that time of year where Mother Nature keeps teasing us with brief glimpses of Spring only to slap our faces the next day with 30 degree temps and frigid winds.  I don’t know about anyone else but for the last couple weeks I’ve been battling the winter blahs.  That feeling that you don’t want […]

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Happy Birthday Maxie!!  I can’t believe my baby is 10 today!  I can still remember the first moment I held her.  She has been my practice kid for the last 10 years and she has really been kicking it in overdrive this year.  Having an older dog is like having a puppy or a baby […]

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