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This edition of Love It! Hate It! is geared towards photographers because recently I’ve had some great experiences in the photography community that I wanted to share!  As small business owners we spend a lot of time alone in front of our computer and it can get very lonely.  There is no watercooler to go […]

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  • Beautiful and sweet photos. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Melissa! Great Post and I couldn’t agree more with all of it :) It would be nice to finally meet you.

So with Christmas right around the corner I wanted to dedicate my make-up post to the things I love about the Christmas season!  I’m going to go with 12 things I love about the holiday season kind of like the 12 days of Christmas. Love It! 1.  Cutting down the tree with my family!  You […]

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Wow the holidays must be upon us because I didn’t even realize I had missed my last Love It! Hate It! post.  Things have been crazy for me and I’m sure things are crazy for all of you but since this is my favorite time of the year I’m happy!  Next week I will be […]

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  • Isn’t the iPad awesome? I use it for everything, including showing my clients their wedding pictures. That thing does it all.

  • I agree. The ipad is the single best piece of technology I have ever purchased. I use it to show my portfolio and sample album layouts as well as at a wedding to give the bride a sneak peek of the days images. great blog posts with lots of info, I’m jealous I wish I could write as good and as well.

Love It! 1. In -Laws!  No this is not in the wrong column, I actually love my in-laws!  Just last week they stopped by for a couple days to visit with me while taking their anniversary trip up the Shenandoah Mountains from South Carolina.  I had a great time with them and my mother in […]

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Love It! 1. Country Music!  I have a confession to make……I have been listening to my husbands country music station in the truck and my car since he left.  You are probably thinking why is that a confession, well I am the girl that has HATED country music with a passion since I was a […]

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  • mmm cupcakes! :) That sounds very yummy – especially the lemon part!!!

  • Melissa you are so sweet to steadily send your hubby packages….so sweet. I also love country music and I was one of the ones who said I would never like it as well ;) I like you turn the station when certain songs come on, but overall I am a country girl.