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            My Life : DIY is not DIP

            That is our new motto around the house, DIY is not DIP! DIY is of course Do It Yourself and DIP is now known as Do ItKeep Reading!

            My Life : You’re 2

            Dear Will, “Bear, Mommy, Daddy, Amen, Bed, Bubba!” Every morning after you wake up the words just comeKeep Reading!

            Happy Father’s Day!

            Her squeals echoed through the kitchen as you chased her around, you made sure to run slowly so she thought she wasKeep Reading!

            My Life : Still Adjusting

            What a whirlwind the last 4 1/2 months have been!  We went from one baby to two and I don’t think anything couldKeep Reading!

            My Life : The Hardest Day of My Life

            I could feel the tears welling up and quickly told myself to think of something else.  I didn’t want the otherKeep Reading!

            My Life : An Outpouring of Love

            “I saw God today, and yesterday, and certainly the day before… He was there with the nurses and doctors whoKeep Reading!

            My Life : Our Christmas Miracle

            As I lay on the operating table with the oxygen mask on anticipating meeting our child for the first time the mood ofKeep Reading!

            Love It! Hate It! Christmas Decorations and Out of Stock Items!

            Love It! 1. Christmas Decorations!  I am one of those that LOVES decorating for Christmas!!  Hubby requiresKeep Reading!

            My Life : No More Excuses!

            Have you ever been working on something for a long time but just not getting it where you want it exactly?  Yep that isKeep Reading!