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There is a special bond among those that love a military man, it is a life that no one else can understand.  The time apart leads to such sweet reunions and there is always the excitement of seeing each other again.  On those days when he is dressed in his blues your heart sings with […]

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  • Allison

    Melissa!! THANK YOU!! You did such a great job :) You wouldn’t know it was so windy looking at the pictures and you captured John’s and my personality so easily. Thanks for everything, you’re the greatest!

  • Great shots Melissa! What a sweet couple!

  • Michelle

    These are simply stunning. I love them. My best friend is all grown up and looking absolutely gorgeous! I cannot wait to see these two get married! Excellent job Melissa.

  • Adam

    They are really good. I saw Mom in some of them (not in a bad way :)) And i agree, these are your personalities :). You’re pretty but John is hot. See you in a week.

  • Sharon Townsend

    These are beautiful pictures! Allison and John, I wish you the very best! And Allison, you will be an absolutely gorgeous bride!

  • Kyla Stigdon

    Allison! Your blue dress was THE perfect color to go with John’s dress blue & you looked gorgeous :) I loved all the laughing pictures, they were precious! See you next Friday :)

  • MawMaw & Grandaddy

    We love those pictures; they are beautiful. You are so beautiful and John is so handsome. Grandaddy was in tears watching them. Thank you for sending them and we can’t wait to see you next Friday.

  • Christina Moore

    I don’t know this young couple but I can see the love in her smile & Melissa captured it perfectly! Wishing you both nothing but happiness & Melissa keep up the great work! Next time though, don’t wait 45 min. in line at Georgetown Cupcakes. ;)

  • Don’t worry Christina we decided to skip the cupcakes with that line :)

  • David & Jackie Hoffman

    Grandma and Grandpa- Melissa, You did a great job, beautiful pictures of beautiful people. However, John did not comb his hair before the pictures, okay, so his hair is a little short. We are very proud of you both. May the happiness reflected in these pictures be with you always.

  • Pam Rauber

    Obviously John it is a privilege to wear the uniform but I must admit, the smiles get bigger with casual wear. Allison,no doubt you will make a beautiful bride. Melissa, as usual you show the fun in every couple.

  • Morgan Otte

    These pictures are gorgeous! And sorry Adam, but I’m going to have to say Allison is the hot one, while John is pretty :) I can’t wait to be a part of your special day so very soon!!! Great job Melissa!

  • John Snyder

    Thanks again Melissa, these are awesome. I hope time is flying by for you and you have a happy homecoming.

  • William Carney

    The pictures are great. Hope you have a great life together.
    See you at Mardi Gras or at the river.

    Shirley and Bill

  • Diane Sisk

    Allison – Loved the pictures! What a beautiful young woman you have become (yes you do look like your mom!) I am sooo happy and excited for you both! I pray God will continue to bless you as you prepare for this joyous time! Love ya!

  • Leslie Snyder

    great Photos!! and great kids!! Allison, the dress color was perfect with John’s dress blues. Love you guys. Miss you John. MOM

  • Donna & Brad Hoffman

    Melissa did a great job capturing the happiness of your engagement. May your love for each other forever grow! We send our love and pray that Christ give you strength to overcome any and all hurdles this world might place in your path.

  • Amazing set of photos, I really like the 4th from last :)

  • Stunning photos! They look like a very lovely couple.

  • Cute! What a nice looking couple. Love the light hearted feel of this set!

  • Aunt Carmin

    Ohhhh congratulations! Great photos. My favorite – John in uniform and Allison kissing him on the cheek. Our love to you!

  • Aunt Carmin

    Oh my gosh – just found the slideshow! Awesome. It made me cry. Love all the photos.

  • Mom and Dad

    These are beautiful pictures that make us smile! We are happy for the two of you, bringing back many memories :) God bless you both as you prepare to be husband and wife.

I’m so excited to bring you a collaborative guest post today with Ashley Alphin of C & A Events!  Ashley was on the blog a couple weeks ago as a vendor interview and she is back this week with a guest post on bringing some style to your engagement session!!  I’ve talked before about how […]

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They met in college where she was a Kappa Delta and he was a Sigma Chi.  Their first date was in a rose garden and when the time was right Sean tricked Jessica into going back to that garden where he was waiting with a ring to surprise her.  Sean and Jessica’s family had made […]

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  • megan fluke

    Soo cute!! Congrats you two!

  • Amazing location! And love the style of the shoot! Great job :)

  • Claire

    Awesome session Melissa!

  • Melissa, this is ADORABLE! So lovely. :)

  • love this!! i totally felt like i was looking at photographs from way back when. :)

  • Toni Carreras-Irwin

    Beautiful…you captured the Love and FUN!!!

  • Keith Irwin

    Wow,the photographer captured the LOVE between Sean and Jess perfectly. I can’t pick which one is the best shot because they are all the best. KI

  • Sarah Lewis

    These are awesome! Jess and Sean, Congrats!

  • Cute Pictures!!!!!!! You guys look great !!!! Bet you didn’t know I knew how to email !!!!!

  • This is awesome!!! So amazing! And it is such a great story too. The couple is cute and angelic!

  • Tami Case

    Love the photos, especially the vintage black and whites. All the best to you both for a wonderful marriage!

I have stalked her blog for over two years now, basically since I started planning my wedding and somehow in my searches found her.  I immediately was drawn to how open she was with her knowledge and she truly became an inspiration for me over the last two years.  Who is she you ask, she […]

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So this is an update on a couple I photographed a couple months ago and I wanted to share their happy news!!  It all over Facebook already so I think it is safe.  haha!  My sister in law Stephanie got engaged last week!!!  Check out the photo below that I took of them for fun […]

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