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When a mutual friend Katie emailed me that two of her friends were getting married and she had referred me she called them Sam². (ps- I totally had to look up how to do the squared symbol!)  When your name is Samantha and you are marrying Samuel I’m pretty sure you know that you will forever be […]

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  • marianne

    Gorgeous! Not only stunning photos but they look as though they are having so much fun; a credit to the photographer!

  • Linda Erlandson

    Sam & Samantha all the pictures are beautiful. At first I thought I would have no problems picking out my favorite and then they were all becoming my favorite so it was difficult. Congratulations you make a beautiful couple.

  • Jennifer

    Congratulations to the happy couple. The photos are amazing.

  • Megan

    Awesome pictures! Love you guys!

  • Stacy

    Hi Sams… you know your photos make me smile! Luv you both much!

The first time I met Rachel I had hair envy.  I have always wanted to have curly hair, even now I find myself wistfully looking at those curly haired girls wishing my hair looked like that.  I tried to achieve the same look with perms as a kid but more often then not I resembled […]

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  • Elissa

    You both look wonderful, and so happy :) I can’t wait for the big day!

  • Jessamy

    Congratulations to both of you!! Beautiful pictures…I know the wedding will be just as beautiful!

  • I love the pictures! You are right, Rachel is absolutely stunning. I love her curly hair too! Congratulations to you both and warm wishes for your future love and happiness.

  • Jen

    Congratulations Rachel and Edwin!! The photos are beautiful and I can’t wait to see more celebrating together. :) RL OTT sisters fo life. <3

  • Kathleen Rogers

    Gorgeous photos! I love the three outfit changes. I love Fredericksburg as a backdrop. Love. Love. Love!