Tyler | The Mill at Fine Creek Bridal Portraits


It’s a Southern thing, ya’ll!  I love bridal portraits!  I love creating an experience for my clients to share with their mom’s that they will remember forever.  I was so happy when Tyler let me know her grandmother talked her into doing bridal portraits.  She brought her mom along and we had a wonderful time!  Tyler’s mom told me about her bridal portraits and how they were the traditional studio portraits with a backdrop.  She thought Tyler looked like she belonged on the cover of a wedding magazine as we were shooting!  I hope someday I have a daughter and I can share in her bridal portrait experience!  I’m picturing a day filled with mani/pedis, hair and make-up and a delicious girl’s lunch as we prepare for her portraits.

Tyler looked so beautiful and she is totally adorable!  One of my favorite photos from her and Brian’s engagement session was of her skipping along next to him as we walked through the park.  I just loved how happy and excited she was!  We did her bridal portraits at The Mill at Fine Creek where she and Brian were married this past weekend.  I have been so excited to share these portraits but with bridals I have to be patient and wait till after the wedding.  It’s always torture but I’m even more excited when I finally can share them!!

I love shooting at the Mill because there is always beautiful light even at high noon!  Most photographers will tell you that shooting in the middle of the day is not our favorite.  We can do it but it’s not our favorite.  Why is that you ask, isn’t there tons of light at noon?  Well yes there is and it is harsh direct overhead light which makes people squinty and causes lovely shadows under their eyes.  You know those dark shadows us ladies use lots of makeup to cover on a normal basis, yeah direct overhead sunlight makes those worse.  There are several different ways to get around that using external flashes, reflectors or to find good indirect light.  I knew there were tons of great places to shoot at the Mill so I went the find good light route and it wasn’t hard because it’s everywhere there!

So enjoy some beautiful bridal portraits!

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