Snowy Bridal Styled Portraits


So the question is does Melissa ever do somewhat dark and moody photos?  Yes she does but only with Amanda Veronee as her subject ;)!  The snow outside reminded me that I shot this with Amanda 2 years ago but never blogged it.  So since there is once again snow outside my window I thought now would be the perfect time to share it with everyone.  For any brides let me just tell you this is not my normal bridal portrait style, this was more of a hey it’s going to snow and I want to play with some film stocks and do something different.  My typical style is more light and airy and happy :).

Amanda was a trooper driving over to my house in the snow and modeling for me, I’m sure the neighbors thought I was nuts especially since we had just moved in, lol! I pulled this cloak out of my closet for Amanda to wear so as not to freeze and she brought the amazing fur stole.  I think the fur totally made the look!

Since this was 2 years ago I’m foggy on the details but I believe this was 35mm black and white, a few color shots and medium format for the rest of the color with some digital mixed in.  Like I said it was a play session hence all the different types of film, why yes I did have 3 cameras for this shoot, lol!

amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-111 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-122 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-163 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-172 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-234 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-180 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-184 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-241 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-186 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-257 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-261 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-255 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-206 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-207 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-209 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-214 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-221 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-223 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-224 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-231 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-269 amanda-snowy-bridal-portraits-273

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